Advantech Products

Advantech is a world leader in so many IOT, IT, Medical and Industrial categories.

Our Advantech customers love the ease of installation and getting going of the products + the reliability.

We have several OEMs who use the Panel PCs in quite trying environments with great success.

If you need Industrial Comms, IO & DAQ, Imaging, PACs and Industrial Computing, Advantech has been a leader for many years.

MasTec has been selling Advantech since 1996 and we highly recommend them as one of our Premier Suppliers.

Ask our staff to help you sort out the best product for your needs


Embedded Core Services – They are using the latest generation of Intel Core CPUs

Industrial Automation – Focus is on Open eAutomation

Applied Computing Services – Platforms of all types for solution integration success

Medical Computing – Enabling Digital Healthcare

Networks and Telecom – The fast path to convergence

Intelligent Services – Enabling eLifestyle – Digital signs, survelliance, intelligent buildings

Imaging Systems – Complete system with Smart Camera.

Image Capture Cards PCIe multichannel cards

Ethernet Gigabit camera cards

Most of Advantech products are building blocks. However a MasTec engineer can help with solutions you may need.

IOT and IT

Indusrtrial Computers with Wireless

Rack PACs

Sealed Computers

Panels PCs – Displays – Signage

DAQ and Control

PAC/PLC Controllers with IO

Industrial PCs

Distributed IO RS485 or Ethernet