PowerVAR Ametek

All AMETEK Powervar products are built around a philosophy called The ABC’s of Power Conditioning.

Each of their products incorporates the function of:

  • A low impedance isolation transformer
  • A power line noise filter
  • A high energy surge diverter

These three elements are the core of Powervar’s power quality solutions.

When applications require uninterruptible power, voltage regulation, harmonic mitigation or other protection necessities, their product solutions are based on The ABC’s of Power Conditioning to meet all of your system’s protection requirements.



GPI Series 2000 Three-Phase Conditioners

Protection for mission critical three-phase applications worldwide.

Ground Guards

GPI Series B Power Conditioners

PI Series 1 Power Conditioners

The perfect Global Power Interface for smaller power loads.


Standard Power Conditioners

Single-Phase Power Conditioners

Medical Power Conditioners

Hardwired Isolated Conditioners

Single-Phase UPS

GTS Series

Designed to be used with systems in a networked environment.

Sinergy III Series UPS

Engineered to satisfy demanding applications

Security II Rackmount UPM

Prevents power disturbances from affecting the performance of mission critical devices and control the power variable.

Medical Grade UPM UL60601/IEC60601 3rd Edition.

Security Plus II (UPS)

Advanced Power Protection for Mission Critical Applications

Security Plus (Legacy)

Power Protection for Mission Critical Applications

3300 Series UPS

Delivers a powerful combination of superior efficiency and inrush capability, so oversizing your power quality solution is never an issue

3200 Series UPS (Legacy)

Designed for small data centers and critical load applications.

AMETEK Powervar’s suite of connectivity solutions for Remote Power Systems Management and Controlled Shutdown in a Networked Environment
Connectivity Solutions
AMETEK Powervar’s Mobile Power Manager (MPM) provides UL 60601 compliance for mobile carts while protecting valuable patient data from being lost or corrupted.

The MPM provides power to connected equipment on a cart for up to 10 hours with a rapid recharge time. Existing non-powered carts can be upgraded at an affordable cost.
  • The MPM supports multi-battery chemistries, SLA or LiFePO4 batteries.
  • The MPM power connections and user interface can be custom configured for OEM applications.
  • The cart can be monitored by the MPM software, which provides information on the condition of the battery to facilitate early warning for battery replacement.
  • PC-based client software and server-based fleet management software is available to administer your mobile application.

The Advantages of the Mobile Power Manager

 Compliance  UL 60601 Listed
 Flexible  IEC 320 connections for input and output
 Intelligent  User-friendly fleet management software
 Versatile  Works with multiple battery chemistries
 Powerful   250 VA / 250 W rating for any computer load
 Size  Industry standard footprint


Mobile Power Manager


One Solution.
Total Protection.

Powervar’s LAPC PRO protects your entire site with a single, centralized solution for all your sensitive electronic equipment.

The LAPC PRO combines the protection of Powervar’s Sinergy III UPS with a power conditioned bypass system, providing dedicated back-up and a continuous stream of clean, conditioned power whether on- or off-line. Powervar’s iSite PRO Network Management Card provides the added benefit of secure monitoring and control of networked power.

You have total protection and total control without the worry of downtime or excessive service calls. That means a better ROI for your business and a better experience for your customers.

  • Sinergy III UPS with iSite PRO
  • Product Sizes: 2kVA and 3kVA
  • Lightweight, sleek design for easier installation
  • Powervar’s low-impedance isolation transformer
  • Internal, power conditioned bypass for overload
  • Isolated outlets / dedicated circuits
  • Internal terminal blocks for input power, output power, and optional remote power switch
  • UL 1778 5th Edition
  • 2 year warranty (LAPC) / 2 year warranty (UPS)


Local Area Power Center