AmpedRF Bluetooth Zigbee ARM Products

Amp’ed RF makes the worlds most capable and affordable OEM Bluetooth and ZigBee wireless platforms. We develop and provide embedded wireless communication software for your applications. Our aim is to enable our customers to integrate industry leading wireless technology easily and quickly, using our well designed hardware platforms, software, and professional services.

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Amp’ed RF ZigBee

By combining Oki Semiconductor’s ARM processors and ZigBee/802.15.4 chipsets, we have developed the most powerful and complete ZigBee OEM platforms available. Our zbSerial AT command serial interface offers a full featured interface for your wireless networking applications.

Amp’ed RF

    Amp’ed RF Technology is a global technology company that excels in delivering innovative solutions to complex and challenging demands. Our semiconductor component target markets include the Audio, Video, and IoT industries. With a “can do” pioneering spirit, Amp’ed RF’s teams have produced top performing WiFi connectivity and MCU technologies to enable smart connected devices everywhere for everyone.
  • Founded in 2003
  • Bluetooth Classic Protocol Stack Qualification 2005
  • China office expansion 2009
  • Bluetooth Smart Protocol Stack Qualification 2011
  • WiFi dual band 2.4/5 GHz IC launch 2015
  • Audio MCU launch 2017

By teaming up with ST Microelectronics, we are able to offer the most advanced Bluetooth technology in a variety of highly reliable and affordable platforms.

Because we develop our own Bluetooth Upper Layer Stack, Amp’ed UP, and AT command serial interface, abSerial, we have options ranging from complete turnkey solutions to licensing our designs and firmware to higher volume customers – options our competitors simply don’t have.


AmpedRF is a building block maker – core modules fro all Bluetoothand Zigbee activity.


Embedded Software

Embedded connectivity, audio, and SDK software supporting a wide range of ARM based MCU hosts including: WiFi, Bluetooth, iOS/MFI.

    Amp’ed RF Technology offers pre-certified, ready to use, Modules for almost every wireless application, in order to reduce costs and speed up time to market.
  • WiFi   
  • Bluetooth
  • WiFi and Bluetooth Combo
Speech Recognition
  • Off-line Speech Recognition AI Solution Voice AI
  • Amp’ed RF Technology offers ARM based IC’s for audio/video & WiFi connectivity.