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AzeoTech’s data acquisition products offer powerful, easy-to-use and affordable solutions to help you acquire data, log it, share it on a network, display it on user-designable screens, analyze it, and automate your process.

AzeoTech is a leading publisher of measurement and automation software with thousands of installations around the world in every sort of industry, including aerospace, automotive, agriculture, energy, power distribution, building management, manufacturing, food and beverage, mining, military, scientific and technology research, and education.

Innovative features, such as the ability to make changes on the fly, without stopping and rebuilding your application, set DAQFactory apart from the alternatives.

DAQFactory provides all the tools needed to acquire data, log it, share it on a network, display it on the screen, graph it, analyze it, and automate your project.

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  • Instrumention Surge Protection Products
  • Supervisory Control (SCADA) Software
  • Human Machine Interface (HMI) Software
  • Factory Automation Software
  • Test And Measurement Software
  • Quality Control Software
  • Remote Monitoring And Control Software

All of this can be done quickly without programming, letting you concentrate on your research.

    New Release now available!
  • 35 new screen components
  • alarming
  • PID loops
  • new logging methods
  • a complete scripting language
  • Quality Control Software
  • new device support: Modbus, …
  • and much, much more…

The following companies provide hardware and software devices and tools that work with and complement DAQFactory. We hope you will consider their products when creating your system. Many of our current customers have had great success with their products.

Dataforth Corporation: YES MasTec Product

Dataforth is the world leader in data acquisition, signal conditioning and data communication products for industrial applications. Worldwide, their electronic data acquisition, signal conditioning, and data communication products provide rugged signal and data integrity and wide spectrum accuracy. We especially like their isoLynx line of serial / Ethernet based data acquisition devices with the ability to plug in their 5B signal conditioning modules to convert most any signal into something useful.

LabJack Corporation:YES MasTec Product

LabJack Corporation provides various measurement and automation solutions. They provide instrumentation related hardware, software, and services, to industry, government, and education. Their LabJack U12 is the original low cost USB data acquisition device that has been copied by many others, but nothing matches the original. Their new UE9 offers both Ethernet and USB connectivity, higher resolutions and speeds while maintaining and affordable price point

Sealevel Systems, Inc.:YES MasTec Product

Since 1986, Sealevel Systems has manufactured quality serial and digital I/O products to serve their customers’ interface requirements. Whether you need RS-232, RS-422, or RS-485 connectivity or robust digital input/output capabilities, Sealevel has a solution. High reliability backed by a Lifetime Warranty and customer support second to none are standard with all Sealevel I/O products. Sealevel currently offers over 250 standard products and now includes industrial computers, touchscreen monitors, and analog interfaces. Their Modbus-compliant family of SeaI/O modules makes it easy to create a distributed data acquisition network. At AzeoTech, when we think of serial devices, we think of Sealevel and have been recommending their products for years.

Data Delivery Devices:Pending

Data Delivery Devices manufactures and supplies RFScada wireless telemetry systems primarily used by the oil, gas, water and waste water industries. They may use a variety of telemetry options, such as license free ISM devices, licensed UHF or VHF radios, all available in various configurations. RFScada systems may be directly controlled by DAQFactory applications and have been used in many applications.