BCM Sensor Belgium Products and Solutions

BCM SENSOR TECHNOLOGIES b.v.b.a. (BCM) is a manufacturer specialized in design and manufacture of wide range of sensors, from sensing elements to complete transducers and transmitters, which are used for strain/stress-, mass/load-, force/torque-, pressure/level- and temperature-measurements in industrial automation and process control..

The products listed below, have been introduced to the market since 1996:

1. sensors and transducers for stresss-, mass-, force-, torque-, and temperature-measurements, including – bondable resistive strain gauges – bondable semiconductor strain gauges – bondable compensation resistors for Wheatstone bridge circuit application – bondable resistive temperature detectors – load cells, load pins, force- & torque-transducers, and customer-tailored OEM load cells

2. sensors, transducers and transmitters for pressure- and temperature-measurements, including – silicon pressure sensor chips and sensor dies – pressure sensors and stainless steel OEM pressure sensors – general purpose industrial pressure transducers and transmitters – submisible hydraulic level probes and hydraulic level transmitters – melt pressure transducers, melt pressure and temperature transmitters

3. pressure calibration instruments, including – hand-held pressure pumps (both pressure and vacuum) – dead weight testers (both pneumatic and hydraulic)

BCM have been offering a wide range of quality sensors which are cost-effective and quality-ensured products. Working on philosophy of customer-care and long-term reliability, BCM have been providing our customers with both qualified products and reliable services. Our professional skills and working experience support our customers to grow. To do so, BCM have been strictly following BCM’s Sales Terms and Conditions, which are constituted according to Belgian Law and corresponding international trade law.

BCM have a range of PDFs.

(accuracy: 0.5%FS, 10 N, …, 500 N)

(accuracy: 0.2%FS, 2 bar, …, 400 bar)

(accuracy: 0.25%FS, 200 mbar, …, 600 bar)

(accuracy: 0.05%FS, -1bar, …, 600 bar)

(accuracy: 0.1%, -50 ºC ~ +600 ºC)