MasTec has been distributing Belotti for many years.

BELOTTI has been active in the power industry for over 100 years, starting with with electro-mechanical products in 1904.


BST-T series stabilizers

BST-TH series stabilizers

Electronic BST-EB

Variable autotransformers
EI Core transformers
Stabilisers AVR for Telecom

BTS powersafe

BTS powersafe PWM

BTS powersafe EB

Rotary Frequency converts

Usages – Buildings, Industry, Commerce, Marine, IT and Telecoms

Automatic Voltage Regulation

Variacs with Servo Control

IGBT Electronic AVRs > Patent Pending

1 to 200KVA

AVR = Automatic Voltage Regulation

Belotti use two methods for AVR

The new Patent Pending IGBT Electronic AVR or Stabiliser system is unique and advanced

Belotti Variatori introduce the latest IGBT solid state power electronics technology (patent pending) in the voltage stabilisation field. Variable transformer, driving engine and specific voltage control circuit of electromechanical stabilizer are eliminated by the use of solid state IGBT switch. No moving parts (brushless) and perfect magnetic/electronic integration allows high stabilization precision (± 1%) and speed 30ms, complete range linearity (no holes in the regulation range) and more efficient voltage resolution than any other electromechanical stabilizers.

This means no maintenance need, higher performance and lighter and more compact machines. Other electronic stabilisers use triac components in order to adjust voltage output: this cause the system to work as a step regulator (no linearity), leading to a limited resolution and waveform distortion. IGBT State of the art semiconductor power technology manages only the power part which needs to be regulated, allowing for high reliability, efficiency and no waveform distortion.

Single phase and three phase system available with voltage regulation capacity in a broad range and standard power ranging from 2 to 40 kVA (lower or higher power system available on demand). Open frame and enclosed system available to cover different customer applications.

We have client who use these products in Super Yachts for managing the AC power for the complete marine system, to clients who use these in simple hand controlled Variac