• Unique avalanche diode array protects all interface signal lines.
  • Stops all voltage transients greater than normal dataline interface signal levels at 600 Watts of energy per line in less than a pico-second.
  • Shielded all-metal enclosures and connectors.
  • Automatic self recovery.
  • High-quality data signal design allows high speeds to 10Mhz and is bidirectional.
  • 100% complete package includes any required insertion cable and heavy-duty earthing wire.
  • Fails short if overstressed.

Bravo’s Sure/Fire family of Port Protectors stop all forms of datacomm damaging voltage transients (spikes and surges) that are prevalent in the typical datacomm/office cable environment such as lightning and electrostatic discharge (ESD) energy waveforms. Spikes may also be caused by fluctuating AC lines, blackouts, or brownouts.

There are Bravo Port Protectors to protect all major datacomm and peripheral interfaces including RS232/V.24 Serial, RS422 Serial, and Centronics parallel.