Temperature and Power Controllers

CD Automation Products

CD Automation was founded in 1987 with the clear strategy of becoming a leading supplier of quality industrial automation products.

The philosophy was simple: provide product & application experts able to work in partnership with the customer to find the right solution.

CD Automation now boasts the most comprehensive power control device range on the market today. The extensive range is capable of accurately controlling a wide spectrum of electrical loads up to 3000kW, from simple single-phase heaters up to complex high temperature-coefficient three-phase load.

CD Automation SCR & Thyristor Controllers

CD Automation offer a wide range of products for the control of the power by Thyristor (SCR Power Controller).

REVO Connect is a high reliability universal power regulator that has an advanced microprocessor that makes it universal and completely configurable via software. Particular attention was paid to the Connectivity with the most popular Field Buses and to the management of the unit via Wi-Fi (optional) with CD Automation APP to be installed on your Smartphone.

    Application and Connection Options

  • Normal Resistance
  • Inductive Load
  • SiC Elements
  • IR Lamp Short Wave
  • MoSi2 Element
  • UV Lamp
  • Thyristor Power Controllers
  • Soft Starters
  • Multi-Channel SCR Power Controllers
  • Temperature and Power Controllers
  • SSR Solid State Relay
  • Graphic
    Operating Terminals
CD Automation Soft Starters

CD Automation Soft Starters are designed to drive three phase, three wire, squirrel cage induction motors, providing a reliable, efficient and energy saving solution for the industrial use of electric motors.

It’s also possible on the STE family to drive motor with six wire connection, to reduce the circulating current inside STE…

Technical Service

CD Automation has invested heavily in computerised testing equipment & state-of-theart production equipment.All products are individually testing including full functional, to improve quality and product reliability.

  • Save money because there are small steps in nominal current rating with 27 sizes from 10A to 2600 A.
  • Innovative product range using digital technology also on small units (15 A).
  • RS485 communication with modbus protocol standard on all families with exclusion of CD3000S.
  • Configuration semplicity via Frontal KeyPad, external KeyPad or portable PC.
  • Possibility to download the suggested software configuration clicking on your application.
  • Universal Thyristor where is possible to configure all inputs types, firing modes and feedback.