Consulting & Product Designs

If you have a need for consulting please contact us. We specialise in consulting

  • Product Development
  • Project Development

Email us a generalised spec of what you would like to achieve and how much consulting you would like.

    Levels of Consulting

  • A series of conversations and emails
  • Face to face over several months
  • Hands on guidance or training

You decide the level you require.
In all cases the cost is an hourly rate.


MasTec ‘s consultant has 50 years experience in Electronics ( Analog, Digital, Micros & Computing), plus all types of Instrumentation and Automation. Plus a deep understanding of software.

During this 50 years thousands of solutions, projects and products have been made and completed.

MasTec also has in house LabVIEW expertise and several external programmers for software design and programming, specialising in PLCs, Dynamic C, and VC++ etc

Low Cost Solutions

For many Solutions, an off the shelf product pick is quickest and easiest.

MasTecs’s products – wireless, industrial computing, embedded computing, infrastructure, automation instrumentation & comms productscan easily be arranged to become the end product required.

This is using off the shelf components with no special design work required. Simple and low cost.

Some Thoughts on Products

Consulting = Working through the needs for the project optimising a current spec and design.

Products = Designing a full specification usually for both hardware and a software solution.

Each month MasTec receives emails and calls from companies looking for MasTec to Consult or help to Design a new Product or Project

Consulting on Products

For the lowest cost consulting, please come with a good idea of what you require.

Bring specifications, drawings, flow charts, plans etc, otherwise it becomes a Design and Specification Development Project for MasTec which we can do of course.

In about 70% of cases we do this work for the customer, as they do not know what they really want or what can be achieved.