Cotek Products

Started in 1986, Cotek’s main objective has been to build uncompromising quality into all AC and DC products.

MasTec started distributing Cotek in 1998 with great success. We have had zero failures returned to us in that time.

Cotek has established itself as a premier source worldwide for Electronic Products:-

  • 19″ Rack Telco Inverters
  • DC/AC Pure Sine Inverters
  • AC Transfer Switch Inverters
    Inverter Remote Controls
  • Switch Mode Power Supplies
  • Three Stage Battery Chargers

Cotek’s extensive and deep range of Switched Mode Power Supplies are worth considering byall machine and device builders needing OEM Qty products and for R&D Projects.

Cotek’s range are able to build, using parallel connection, large wattage systems if required.

Are you using Meanwell Power Supplies and need a substitute with excellent specs. We have a chart of most relevant MW models with a Cotek Equivalent.

Telco Inverters Link

These 24 and 48VDC 1000 watt models in a 19″ rack format, will power most Telco sites where instruments or computers are required and no AC is present.

Commercial Inverters Link

There extensive range of Inverters covers all needs for Marine, RV Motor Homes, Alternative Power and more.

Power ranges from 150 to 3000 watts with excellent power overload characteristics.

Some Inverter models have various levels of sleep modes with huge power savings, especially useful in solar alternative power systems where every watthr counts.

Inverter Remote Controls Link

Most inverters can be controlled remotely, up to 50 feet, with remote control modules.

These inverters have an Automatic AC power switch that allow AC Mains Power to run a system until failure and then the inverter starts and takes over the load.

This is agrowing product line and should meet the needs of most small to medium 12 & 24 VDC battery banks. These chargers will look after the batteries in a well defined three stage system.