Dataforth Products

Dataforth is a worldwide innovator of signal conditioning, data acquisition, and data communication products..

Dataforth make some fo the lowest cost isolated DAQ system per analog input on the market..

If you also are looking for signal conditioners with high common mode rejection ratios and excellent normal mode ratios ++ 1500VAC RMS Galvanic isolation, Dataforth makes them. They have basically two form factors, passive backplane and DIN rail mounts

MasTec has been distributing Dataforth since 1996 and has many installations running. MasTec stocks the most common modules. MasTec has used Dataforth Modules since the 80’s and they do not fail and they do not lose calibration over extended periods.

Every Project MasTec has produced in the last 10 years
has had Dataforth modules

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Dataforth History

IoT cloud-based remote monitoring system

Dataforth Corporation has partnered with to enable customers to use their MAQ20 system and’s cloud-based software to build an IoT cloud-based remote monitoring system. Designed to remotely monitor environmental sensors, their website states that enables users to “acquire data in real-time from any data logger or text file, transform data automatically using processing and logic, receive alerts for critical events, and share access with clients.”

Best Signal Conditioning

There is no way around the need for galvanic isolation in Instrumentation or Industrial Measurement and Control Systems if you want reliable measurements and control.

The Dataforth range is very broad and is signal and transducer specific.

  • For excitation power with ppm stability, these modules are superb for Strain, RTD
  • Filters are either wide or tight, so in process systems typically less than 4 HZ.
  • Have Long Cable runs
  • Common Mode Rejection Ratios are 160 db on some.
  • Normal mode Rejection ratios for 50Hz very high on low frequency modules
  • DIN Rail Modules are 24 VDC Powered for standard industrial DIN Systems.
  • Backplanes are all 5VDC Powered for standard Instrumentation Systems
  • The Modules are either 2 or 3 port Isolation.

The modules are not sensitive to PSU Voltage supply noise with in reason and have a broad supply range.

  • Do you want to convert 4-20mA to voltage or vice versa?
  • Do you want to translate low voltage to higher with filtering and isolation?

Take millivolts to volts, a whole range of modules

Do you need to translate high voltage down to lower measurement voltages, use the Attentuator modules?

TCs of all types and modules linearise for you so you do not need to use software polynomials.

If you are using USB or TCP DACs for control, use an isolated output module, it will stop you blowing those very expensive 16 Bit DAQ channels if something goes wrong.


DSCA49-04 Voltage Output Signal Conditioner

Strain Gage Input Signal Conditioner – DSCA38-01

Linearized Thermocouple Input Signal Conditioner


Analog Voltage Input Module, Narrow Bandwidth

SensorLex® 8B Series: Isolated Analog Signal Conditioners.

Isolated Analog Signal Conditioners

MAQ®20 Modular Data Acquisition System

Industrial Data Acquisition & Control System

8B isoLynx SLX300 Data Acquisition System

Data Acquisition System

IoT Power & Energy Monitoring

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The MAQ20 is an Advanced Expandable Isolated DAQ product well worth a critical look. Software support is also excellent using ReDAQ Graphical Software.