Deeter Group Products

MasTec supplies the APAC area, with a broad range of Deeter Level and Leakage Sensors + Liquid Dispneser systems.

Are you looking for excellent European quality sensors?

In NZ the potential clients needing this technology are listed on the right hand column.

There are many vertical markets inside this list.

The new Deeter Wireless Level Sensor (above pict) may save some very large problems for your customers or sites. No more cables.

The interesting thing about this product is that MasTec can help link this to a 3G or ADSL network for transport directly to an M2M cloud or your computer systems somewhere else in the world for viewing via a web page.

Vertical markets

  • Stainless, Steel & Plastic Tank manufacturers for the Oil, Fuel, Refrigerant, Wine, Dairy and Beer etc
  • Farm manufacturers that build or supply concrete, steel and plastic tanks.
  • Infrastructure tank companies for all sorts of other products.
  • District and Local councils for water and sewage etc.
  • Heavy equipment operators + trucking + marine companies that need surety on lubrication and fuel levels
  • Printers using large presses or inkjet technology who cannot have the printing machine go dry.
  • Laboratory systems that need a sure pure water supply to instruments or labs.
  • Train operatore for monitoring diesel and lubrication levels.
  • Food manufacturers that have oil cooking and need level status
  • Food and medical steriliser applications.
  • Automatic or manual restuarant and fast food steam cleaning systems
  • Boiler water level monitoring.
Uses Wireless to create the link

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Many tanks or silos can be linked into this network back to a gateway that iwll transmit locally or remotely to a cloud system with web viewing.

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