Digi Remote Manager

  • Industry-leading cloud and edge tools for rapid device deployment and easier asset and inventory management.
  • Monitor network, device and asset performance and security with bi-directional communications.
  • Access data from edge devices that were previously out of reach and define precisely where you want the business logic.
  • Automate mass firmware and software updates to stay in compliance.
  • Integrate device data through open APIs to gain deeper insights.
  • Receive detailed reports and real-time alerts on network health and device conditions
What is IoT Monitoring?

IoT device monitoring lets businesses keep watch on vast numbers of deployed IoT devices and billions of data points for two purposes: to gain actionable insights from those devices and processes, and to ensure the devices are functioning properly. With IoT monitoring, organizations can scale their IoT deployments with the assurance that they can track every device, monitor performance, get notification of security vulnerabilities, gain insights whenever needed, and perform predictive maintenance across their entire deployment.

Fulfill your service level commitments

When it comes to the Internet of Things, only the most reliable communication connections will suffice. There’s too much on the line regarding data security, process improvement and employee safety. With Digi Remote Manager® (DRM 3.0), a secure management application to monitor and control distributed IoT devices, network managers get a single point of command and control to continuously update and maintain the performance requirements you depend on most.

Many things can go wrong when operating an IoT network of distributed devices. Be sure to keep your data flowing with automated mass firmware and software updates that will modify and maintain configuration of all your units in the field – for complete asset tracking and compliance, including security protection. DRM 3.0 will help you diagnose and even fix some remote devices. All of the above without another costly truck roll.

It all starts with IoT network management software that lets you securely access your devices and assets after deployment. To not only update firmware, but to ensure security of your entire network by monitoring and evaluating its status and health.

Cloud compatibility meets edge computing

DRM 3.0 offers advanced compatibility with virtually any cloud and analytics platform, making deployment and management of IoT networks and devices faster and easier. Access, connect and analyze data collected from Digi edge devices to improve business processes, react to changing operational needs and accelerate decision making.

Connect any device to any cloud platform

Pre-configured APIs make it quicker and easier for users to access, connect and analyze data collected from Digi edge devices – with no development required. Cloud connectors integrate device data with industry-leading, third-party analytics and visualization dashboard applications. Connecting is a simple configuration. And, a rich web service API is available if you need to write your own custom integration.

Bring business logic to the edge

The latest generation of Digi routers is partitioned to securely run custom code at the edge of the network to help reduce cellular costs by moving decision-making logic as close to your asset as you like, wherever it will deliver the most value – at the sensor, gateway, business center or cloud. You can also use pre-configured APIs to connect edge devices to cloud or third-party applications; while a library of Python scripts are available for you to customize business logic at the edge. In this manner, higher level and more concise information is sent to the cloud less frequently in order to deliver more timely execution at a reduced cost.

Digi supported cloud and analytics platform examples:


Azure Google





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Keep your data safe, sound, secure

Security for cloud services is a rapidly changing paradigm and Digi is committed to providing security controls that meet or exceed all industry standards with ongoing threat measurement and monitoring services.

Digi also performs internal and external security audits and proactive communication regarding new and evolving threats. The cloud security team is active and visible in the data security space.

We hold certifications such as CISSP, RHCE, CCNP, MCSE, the EC-COUNCIL Certified Security Analyst (CSA) and Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH), as well as ISO27002 Certified Lead Implementer certifications.

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NERC/CIP compliance

DRM 3.0 helps you meet security compliance targets by providing the following security functions to your field devices: centralized device patching, capacity planning, centralized logging, compliance scanning, compliance reporting, change control, backup/disaster recovery, intrusion detection and asset management.

HIPAA compliance

DRM 3.0 is a key component of HIPAA-compliant solutions. To meet HIPAA compliance, we recommend DRM 3.0 as a data conduit for health information. Since it does not process health information, customers looking to implement a HIPAA solution do not need a Business Associate agreement signed, provided that they encrypt the data while it is passed through DRM 3.0. Associate agreement signed, provided that they encrypt the data while it is passed through DRM 3.0.