Eltrotec Products

Production and Marketing of colour sensors, fiber optics, measure-light-barriers and technical endoscopes. Applications, Engineering and Service.

Also High performance Eltrotec sensors now made by Micro-Epsilon

  • Sensors and systems for displacement and position.
  • Sensors and measurement devices for non-contact temperature measurement.
  • 2D/3D profile sensors (laser scanner)
  • Optical micrometers, fiber optic sensors and fiber optics
  • Color recognition sensors, LED analyzers
    and color online spectrometer
  • Measurement and inspection systems

Flexible Endoscopes – ELTROTEC Flex

Endoscopic tasks often require flexible probes in order to access the desired point in concealed openings, interior cavities or in bent pipes or entrances. ELTROTEC Flex endoscopes are available in a range of lengths and diameters. With a diameter of 2.5 mm and larger they are equipped with a control mechanism for changing the angle of the probe tip.

– Flexible Micro-Endoscope – MTFS

– Top-Line Flexible Endoscopes

Video Endoscopes – ELTROTEC Video

ELTROTEC endoscopes are highly developed optical devices that have been specially designed for use in the industrial field. With a flexible or rigid probe the endoscopes allow a direct image representation via connected PC or handheld display. Thanks to their design, construction and special production technique they are ideally suited for use in the industrial field. An almost limitless variety of inspection tasks can be carried out using the broad range of features of each individual device and the extensive product programme.

– Top-Line Video flexible endoscope

– Top-Line semi flexible Video endoscope

– Top-Line Semi-Flexibel Video

Rigid Endoscopes – ELTROTEC Borescopes

ELTROTEC rigid borescopes were developed for the visual inspection of small bore holes and cavities. With diameters ranging from 0.7 to 25mm, they offer excellent image reproduction and with their excellent resolution and brightness facilitate the inspection of the smallest details. The Top-Line premium endoscopes are equipped with graded index lenses (GRIN lenses), providing the highest quality with no appreciable image loss.

– Standard endoscopes SKF-D

– Endoscope with swing-prism – MKF-D

– Miniature Endoscopes – PFK – PKF

– Flexible Miniature Endoscopes – ME

– Mobile Endoscopes with Halogen Illumination – SWS

– Top-line rigid standard endoscopes – Top-Line rigid

– Eltrotec Pro rigid endoscopes