EPSolar Products

EP Solar is one of China’s leading manufacturers of Solar Regulators and Solar power systems. Providing products including solar charge controllers, off-grid inverter, LED driver and special power units etc., as well as design and supply relevant solar application systems.

  • Solar Power Station regulators 24/48VDC 100 and 200amps
  • Solar Domestic regulators: 10,15,20, 30, 40, 50 or 60 amp
  • 12/24/48 volt auto-work negative or positive ground
  • Microprocessor based
  • PWM or ON/OFF series battery charging options
  • State of charge (SOC) battery regulation Battery Ah setting, boost charging, equalising charging, float charging
  • Automatic load reconnection, manual load switch
  • Automatic selection of voltage (12 V / 24 /48V)
  • Temperature compensation
  • LCD display: SOC as a fuel gauge, all system parameters in digital value, system status as symbols
  • Full circuit protection, electronic fuse Field adjustable parameters by four buttons
  • Load control option: ON/OFF, Dusk-to-Dawn, On + setting hours, setting time ON/OFF. (For type –II)
  • Real clock display (For type –II)
  • Short circuit-solar and load
  • Overload-solar and load
  • Reverse polarity, reverse current at night
  • High voltage disconnect
  • Loads protected from voltage spikes
  • Automatic recovery with all protections
  • Solar Station Home
  • Solar Home System
  • Solar Streetlights System
  • Solar RVs/Vessels System
  • Hybrid Energy System
Solar Universal Controller – XTRA Series
Solar Streetlight Controller
Solar Power Station Controller
MAQ Controller and Logger
High-Frequency Pure Sine Wave Inverter
Low-Frequency Pure Sine Wave Inverter
UPower Inverter/Charger
Bluetooth Adapter