ORB34M-36 Battery Starting Battery (RED)

Select Orbital Sealed VRLA (AGM) Marine Battery, 12 Volt.
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ORB75DT-84 Battery Tough Vehicle Battery (BLACK)
Select Orbital Sealed VRLA (AGM) Automotive Battery, 12 volt

ORB34DC-36 Battery DC = Deep Cycle (BLUE)
Select Orbital Sealed VRLA (AGM) Marine Battery, 12 Volt

Super 50 amphrs batteries, very low internal impedance, high charge currents for SLA, long shelf life.


  • Orbital grid design yields durable, reliable and maintenance-free power.
  • Completely sealed design is safe — ideal for closed environments such as boat hulls.
  • Superior off-season voltage retention reduces permanent capacity loss.
    Delivers full power even when submerged.
  • Absence of free-flowing electrolyte makes the Orbital safer to use and handle.
  • Orbital Marine Starting

Superior Performance. You can’t beat the Exide Orbital Marine and Automotive Starting battery for safe, superior performance.

Exide’s Orbital grid technology resists vibration, retains voltage off-season, and is totally maintenance free.

Spill proof, leak proof, and can deliver full power even when submerged.

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Discussion on Orbital

Today’s sophisticated vehicles need a battery that can stand up to heavy power demands, temperature extremes and rough treatment

The Orbital is a tough, revolutionary, “spiral type-cell” power source that has quickly proven itself to be far superior to anything else available today.

Uses: Superb in marine, especially power boats, also off road vehicles, large auto stereo systems, heavy vehicle, fleet vehicles, wheel chair, mobility vehicles, large UPSs, solar alternative power systems.

Beneath the distinctive Orbital exterior is the most advanced battery technology every created. The key to the Orbital being superior is its “spiral type-cell”

Zero maintenance. The Orbital is a completely sealed, gas-recombinant battery. This means that you never need to add water. This also means that you won’t be faced with the performance-robbing corrosion of most batteries.

Unsurpassed safety features. The electrolyte within an Orbital is completely absorbed, there is no free acid to leak or spill. The Orbital can be operated in any position without risk of leaking or spilling.

Unequaled vibration resistance. Vibration is one of the leading causes of failure with a flat plate battery, not so with an Orbital. The plates within an Orbital are tightly wound and pressed into the case so that they can’t move or break.

Long shelf life. The Orbital can sit up to two years, unused, and still be as good as new. (A top off charge is recommended after one year.)