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MasTec is the registered distributor for Fastec products in New Zealand.

Fastec is a very innovative company that specialises in solving difficult technical problems with elegance and well thought out designs and then field trials them for reliability and best fit solutions.

Fastec’s single phase to three phase Motor Starter, called “Fastec Start” is one of these clever pieces of technology that solves a difficult technical problem very well.

Using AC Single Phase Power for running three phase motors is a common requirement, as many sites do not have a three phase feed.

Simple to install and low cost solutions for this lack of three phase power problem are hard to fine.

FasTec’s solution is elegant, light weight, efficient and relatively low cost when compared to other methods.

It also has a major advantage over other types of solutions. It has technology built in the design that reduces in rush current when starting AC motors. This starting abiility makes it possible to run a three phase motors off a standard single phase 10, 15 or 20 Amp 230 VAC supply.

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The “Fastec Start” product is a Single Phase to Three Phase Converter usages.

1/ Where 3 phase power is not available but a supply of single phase power is.

2/ When 3 phase motor starting is difficult because of voltage drop or droop on the current 3 phase AC Power. This is a case where the three phase AC power supply does not have capacity to start a 3kW motor even though it might be able to run it.

3/ When the only power is a single phase generator. For example : A Fastec Start will start and run a 2.2 kW 3-phase submersible pump using a 4kW 1-phase low cost generator. That is truly amazing.

4/ When the only power is an alternative Power Systems Single Phase Inverter. Most inverters have a 100% overload capacity and this is useful for starting high energy single phase loads like Refrig compressors. This allows inverters to start Three Phase Motors using the Fastec Start.

Fastec Engage is another innovative solution from Fastec for high inertia loads.

The Fastec Engage is a “two stage” “soft start” adjustable clutch, originally designed to complement the performance of Fastec Start.

The Fastec Start relies on energy stored in capacitors to start a motor and load combination. This amount of this energy is finite and limited by the start capacitors in the Fastec Start. This can be a limitation for starting high inertia loads.

So the Fastec Engage “soft start” clutch was designed to allow the motor to develop speed before any load is applied. 

This design separates the motor from the drive load on start. When motor speed is achieved, the clutch commences a controlled engagement of the load using (adjustable) slippage between the clutch plates to provide a “soft start”. When both the drive plate and driven plate are rotating at the same speed the clutch is “locked” so that the load can be fully transferred.

The clutch disengages when the motor stops.

This product can be used with the Fastec Start or any other motor system to solve those start issues on high inertia loads.

  • Agriculture below and ground (pumping)
  • Marine Equipment (small generators)
  • Industrial Motors(running 3-phase motors from 1-phase supply),
  • Renewable energy systems (expanding the system capability)
  • Original equipment manufacturers (avoid the need to convert your products from 3-phase in single phase sites)
  • Line companies (solve difficult rural supply situations and reduce peak demand)
  • Organisations such as the military and disaster relief needing portable power supplies would gain considerable weight and fuel savings by using small 1-phase generators with Fastec Start.
  • To allow the replacement of 1-phase motors with more efficient 3-phase motors
  • To use the microprocessor capability to include specific control functions such as for pump controllers and or irrigators, witht he Fastec Start being controlled by PLCs, Computers, PACs etc
  • Sheds and workshops where 3 phase power is not available

Fastec Start starts a 3-phase motor from a 1-phase supply using energy from capacitors. The first time the motor is started, Fastec Start calibrates the motor’s properties and then calculates and stores the optimum starting conditions in its microprocessor. The capacitors are then discharged to bring the motor up to a pre-determined speed before connecting it to the single phase to three phase Fastec power supply. Fastec Start then disconnects the capcitors preventing harmonics on the supply. There is minimal in-rush current and no heat gain in the motor as a result of starting this way. If the power supply has sufficient capacity to run the motor, then in most cases, Fastec Start will be able to start it.

Fastec Technical Info

Power 3 phase motors up to 3KW
off single phase supply
( Genset, Solar Power Inverter or AC Mains )

Softer Start- No high surge on start up

Auto Calibrates to motor and load
on first start up

No Heating – high efficiency

Very low EMC – No Shielded Cables required

Easy Install – Low Cost – Reduced Line Fees

Also suit international OEMs

Trade enquiries welcome

Fastec Applications

Start and run 3 Phase AC Motors

Workshop Machinery

Commercial Water Blasters

Well, Sump & Standard Pumps

Industrial Fans

Large Meat Grinders

Car Stackers – Conveyors

Hydraulic Presses – Pipe Benders

Rotary Cow Sheds?? – needs testing

Your Device ??

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Single to Three Phase Motor System

Adjustable High Inertia Load Clutch & Pulley