Centric 300, a new member of Gamatronic’s leading line of modular scalable UPS systems. The Centric 300 is a highly efficient UPS suitable for large facility applications scalable from 30kW to over 1.2MW.

The Centric 300 is designed for N + 1 redundancy. It provides reliable, clean, regulated AC power. For users with greater power requirements, up to five Centric units can be operated in parallel configuration for more than 1.2MW.

The Centric 300 is a user friendly UPS, its advanced LCD touch screen is intuitive and informative for easy maintenance and servicing.

As one of the first companies in the world to design modular UPS systems, the Centric 300 design is based on the vast knowledge Gamatronic have accumulated in this field.

The Centric’s N+1 vertical and horizontal modularity reduce down time, making it a great choice for your data centre.

  • Continuous operation during expansion and maintenance
  • Hot swap modules
  • Advanced LCD touch screen.
  • True online technology.
  • 96.5% efficiency.
  • PF = 1
  • Sleek 19’’ design
  • Small footprint
  • Lightweight

Centric, Gamatronic’s innovative flagship UPS product. Incorporating the most advanced technologies on the market to date, the Centric is available in many configurations, ranging from 25kVA to 1000kVA. This true online double conversion UPS system offers unparalleled quality. The Centricis suitable for use in data centres, computer labs, medical facilities, communication centers and security systems.

Modularity is at the heart of the system. To scale the unit, 25KW power modules can be installed as needed, according to the demands of the critical load. Hot swap technology allows these components to be added without disconnecting the load or transferring to bypass.

The Centric is designed for N + 1 redundancy. It provides reliable, clean, regulated AC power at an attractive price. For users with greater power requirements, up to five Centric units can be operated in parallel configuration, for five times the power.

The Centric’s vertical and horizontal modularity reduce down time and provide a fault tolerant power source to critical loads, making it a great choice for your data centre.

  • Continuous operation during expansion and maintenance
  • Maximum output of 1000kVA/KW with 5 units connected in parallel
  • Advanced LCD touch screen.
  • True online technology.
  • 96% efficiency.
  • PF = 1
  • Small footprint
  • Lightweight
  • Additional Features (Optional)
  • Manual maintenance bypass
  • Email notifications and alerts
  • Communications Protocol Modbus/RS232/RS485
  • Automatic controlled shutdown of connected computers in the event power failure

Gamatronic Power Products – Premier Manufacturer

MasTec recommends Gamatronic

Gamatronic has been a leader in the power electronics industry for almost 5 decades providing its top rate power protection solutions for power dependent and critical applications globally.

Gamatronic is one of the world’s leading companies in the field of modular Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) systems. Gamatronic engineers are experts in development, custom design, and system support..

  • Modular UPS solutions ranging from 10 kW to 1.2 MW
  • A wide range of Stand Alone UPS systems
  • Control & Management solutions
  • Modular DC/AC inverters
  • Modular DC/DC converters
  • Modular Power Systems for the Telecom market

In 2018 SolarEdge entered the field of Uninterruptible Power Systems and has acquired Gamatronic Electronic Industries Ltd., which is the leader of the technology in this field. SolarEdge intends to leverage its operational excellence and expertise in electronics, along with the intellectual property, knowledge and presence of Gamatronic, in order to continue to lead the world of UPS systems.

Continuing to advance smart energy, SolarEdge addresses a broad range of energy market segments through its diversified product offering, including residential, commercial and large scale PV, battery storage and backup solutions, EV charging, home energy management, grid services and virtual power plants, and uninterruptible power supply (UPS) solutions.

G5 Control & Management System for Data Centers

DC/AC Inverters

Output is 230 Vac at 50 Hz. Pulse Width Modulation (PWM), controlled by a 16-bit microprocessor.

Gnet 6-10kVA 19″ Rack


Clean sinus-wave for users

Advanced DCP/CPU controller

PFC 0.98

Zero transfer time ensures the reliability of the load

Local and off-site control via USB or RS232

Compatible with SNMP

Self-diagnosis and protective functions

Protection from non-standard input voltage included in the system

Power+ Premium SA 60kVA


Scalable system that can be upgraded from 15kVA to 60kVA

Modules are designed to be replaced while the system is working. There is no need to shut down the system during repair or maintenance. The batteries are shared with all modules and can be installed as one branch or more for redundancy purposes.

Advanced static switch

State-of-the-art controller with a 7″ color touchscreen and user-friendly interface. System controller is designed using fail-safe technology. In the event of a controller failure, the system will continue to operate uninterrupted. Controller can also be replaced with zero interruption to the load. Controlled shutdown. Alerts sent directly to email in the event of a malfunction (up to 10 users) Option of having text message alerts sent directly to the user in the event of a malfunction

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DC Power Systems – 1UDC+

19” wide, 1U-high shelf that can hold up to three hot-plugged rectifiers, or two rectifiers + controller and LVD device (battery protection system).

Two inputs, one output , Synchronization, Zero-time transfer, Surge protection, Overload protection, Backfeed protection (available for STSW Pro 3kVA/6kVA)