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MasTec is NZ’s largest supplier of diverse GPIB products.

GPIB is still used extensively in ATE and T&M, linking instruments to PXI or PCs for Test.

The bus was well thought out in the early 1970’s and still remains powerful in comparison with other types of interfaces- USB and ethernet to this day.

The reason is that the bus connects hardware directly as it is a parallel bus, with hardwired interrupts from the instrument to and from the controller.

MasTec engineers have been using GPIB since the spec was released and have been marketing GPIB interfaces, cables & instruments since 1987.

MasTec has dozens of types of GPIB Instruments for Test, a complete range.

    They all offer high performance and cross compliance with NI and Agilent in these interface types and software support.

  • PCI, ISA, PXI, PCMCIA, Serial, Ethernet, USB GPIB interfaces
  • Plug n Play in Windows DOS/95/98/NT/2000/XP/Vista/ 7 & 8/Linux
  • Run GPIB from almost any other type of computer
  • Sophisicated software drivers included
  • Program in Measurement Studio, LabVIEW, .Net, C/C++/C#, VB, Delphi, VEE, Fortran or Basic even.
  • All VISA Libraries also

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We have GPIB controllers from

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If you need GPIB interfaces ( stocked), GPIB cables ( stocked), expanders, extenders etc we have them.

    GPIB connector extenders

  • Does your instrument or computer have a recessed GPIB connector?
  • We have GPIB plug extenders
    GPIB Protocol Converters

  • GPIB to RS-232 or 485 or Ethernet or Printer Port or Fiber or USB
    GPIB range extenders

  • We have GPIB extenders (fiber and cable), that can drive GPIB long distances

GPIB Cables

We stock GPIB cables in quantity, high quality, double shields, metal connectors and the best prices in NZ and Australia

    We stock

  • 0.5, 1, 2, 4, 8 meters
  • Double shielded, diecast metal stacking co
  • Best prices