Hantek Instruments

Hantek Instruments was founded in 1999.

The basis for starting the company was the rapid uptake when released of the new USB bus. The founders foresaw the building of instruments around this bus.

They released a series of USB Scopes over this early period and have now expanded into a Specialist Instrument maker.


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  • Hantek designs and builds
  • Bench Oscilloscopes
  • USB Oscilloscopes
  • Handheld Oscilloscope
  • Portable Oscilloscope
  • Arb. Waveform Generator
  • Logic Analyzer
  • Spectrum Frequency Analyzer
  • Multimeter
  • Handheld Multifunction Measuring instrument
  • Programmable Power Supply
  • Automotive Scopes
  • USBIX interchangeable instruments
  • Process Calibrators
  • Android, iPhone and Windows Instruments

Product Supply

Logic Analysers


Function and Arb Generators

Spectrum Analysers

Test Probes, Accessories and Cables

Logic Analysers

80 function Automotive Isolated 1GS/S Scope

USBIX Instruments

Field Scopes