The Imaging Source

Established in 1990, The Imaging Source is one of the leading manufacturers of industrial cameras, frame grabbers and video converters for production automation, quality assurance, logistics, medicine, science and security.

Their comprehensive range of cameras with USB 3.1, USB 3.0, USB 2.0, GigE interfaces and other innovative machine vision products are renowned for their high quality and ability to meet the performance requirements of demanding applications.

Cameras from The Imaging Source can be found in many areas of everyday life: industry, food and beverage production, research sciences, pharmaceuticals and medicine, traffic and parking management. Applications in sports, leisure and media are also taking hold. The human eye is limited to a small range of visible light, but the cameras and software from The Imaging Source make the invisible – visible. Machine vision technology and efficiency which improves the quality of life for everyone by protecting lives and making them safer and more enjoyable.

Updates and Improvements to TIS Software Portfolio


The Imaging Source industrial cameras: Excellent image quality, durability and an outstanding price-performance ratio.

With a selection of over 100 industrial cameras, The Imaging Source maintains one of the broadest portfolios in the machine vision market – offering an extensive range of industrial cameras with numerous interface options including GigE, USB 3.1, 3.0 and 2.0. 

 With free software development kits (SDKs) IC Imaging Control (Windows) and Tiscamera (Linux), provide users with powerful tools to easily integrate The Imaging Source’s industrial cameras into virtually any machine vision application. The free IC Capture and IC Measure programs allow end users to visualize images output from The Imaging Source industrial cameras 

Latest CMOS sensors: ON Semi and Sony including Pregius, Pregius S (global shutter) and STARVIS (rolling shutter)

Resolutions: 0.4 MP to 42 MP with highest image quality and high frame rates

Camera housing: compact and robust metal enclosures made for years of use in standard or harsh industrial environments

Free SDKs and end-user software: for latest Windows and Linux releases

Interfaces: wide range of interfaces and connector types; USB-Vision, GigE-Vision and GeniCam-compliant

Custom and OEM cameras: OEM applications and co-branding for customer projects

Warranty: 3-year warranty with continuous support

DMK 38UX267

38U Series Monochrome Industrial Camera

DYK 33UX250

33U Series Color Industrial Camera

Designed for demanding, price-sensitive machine vision projects, The Imaging Source’s board-level cameras ensure easy integration and long-term availability.

Tried and tested, The Imaging Source board-level cameras are optimized for cost-sensitive, high-volume machine vision projects and offer maximum flexibility for a wide range of space-limited applications.

The Imaging Source’s broad portfolio of industrial board-level cameras feature a range of CMOS sensors including Sony’s latest Pregius and STARVIS sensors as well as cost-optimized sensors from ON Semiconductor. The board cameras’ USB3 Vision, GigE Vision and GeniCam compliance ensures quick integration with third-party hardware and nearly all image processing libraries.

  • Latest CMOS sensors: ON Semi and Sony including Pregius (global shutter) and STARVIS (rolling shutter)
  • Cost-effective design: for M12 mini-lenses (S-mount), yet also compatible with C/CS-mount lenses
  • Resolutions: 0.4 MP to 12 MP with highest image quality and high frame rates
  • Free SDKs and end-user software: free software for the latest Windows and Linux Releases
  • Interfaces: wide range of interfaces and connector types; USB3 Vision, GigE Vision and GeniCam compliant
  • Triggers & I/Os: Hardware and software trigger as well as I/Os for demanding machine vision applications
  • Warranty and long-term availability: 3-year warranty with continuous support

USB 3.1

USB 3.0

USB 2.0


USB 3.0 Board Cameras

27U Series

GigE Board Cameras

25G Series

Imaging solutions for applications with variable working distances or object sizes

The Z Series optical zoom cameras from The Imaging Source feature an integrated motorized lens for software-controlled adjustment of focal length, aperture, and focus. Available with a selection of highly-sensitive CMOS sensors (global and rolling shutter), The Imaging Source zoom cameras are perfect for applications where variable working distances, object sizes, and lighting conditions are an issue. These cameras are uniquely suited to tasks such as inspection, sorting, process control and metrology. 

The Imaging Source’s autofocus cameras offer increased flexibility over fixed-focus cameras, delivering excellent image quality and optimally sharp images despite fluctuations in working distance. Additional camera features such as binning, windowing and high-speed readout provide increased imaging precision and processing speeds. 

  • Latest CMOS Sensors: ON Semi and Sony including Pregius (global shutter) and STARVIS (rolling shutter)
  • Resolutions: 0.4 MP to 42 MP with highest image quality and high frame rates
  • Zoom Cameras: 12x, 20x and 30x optical zoom. Integrated motorized lens to control focal length (zoom), aperture and focus
  • Autofocus Cameras: one-push autofocus produces crisp images despite fluctuations in working distance
  • Free SDKs and End-user Software: for the latest Windows and Linux releases
  • Triggers & I/Os: Hardware and software trigger as well as I/Os for demanding machine vision applications
  • Warranty and Long-term Availability: 3-year warranty and continuous support
USB 3.0

USB 2.0



AFU Series Color Autofocus Camera

High-performance USB microscope cameras with the latest SONY global and rolling-shutter sensors and advanced feature sets such as external trigger and readout functions.

With resolutions from 2.1 MP to 20 MP, The Imaging Source’s range of high-quality microscope cameras support a wide variety of microscopy applications in research science, medicine, and industry.

Featuring Sony and onsemi’s latest CMOS sensors, the microscopy cameras are characterized by high sensitivity, high dynamic range, low noise and excellent color reproduction.

  • Superior image resolution: 2.1 MP to 20 MP with highest image quality and high frame rates.
  • Latest CMOS sensors: onsemi and Sony including Pregius (global shutter) and STARVIS (rolling shutter)
  • Color and monochrome options: Select the sensor that best meets your application requirements.
  • User-friendly software: Free SDKs and end-user software for latest Windows and Linux releases.
  • Easy integration: USB 3.0 and USB 3.1; USB-Vision and GeniCam-compliant
  • Robust and reliable: Compact and robust metal enclosures made for years of use and a 3-year warranty with continuous support.

USB 3.1

DFK MKU226-10×22

MKU Series Color Ocular Camera

OEM Cameras

Customize an Imaging Solution Based on Application Requirements

Specify custom housing, modifications to our standard industrial cameras, or software.

Use The Imaging Source’s over 35 years of experience in machine vision to create a customized imaging solution tailored to your application’s requirements. With The Imaging Source’s OEM camera service, customers may specify minor or major changes to casing design, PCB layout, connection type, location and pinning, as well as alterations to software drivers and end user applications. The Imaging Source’s customized camera solutions are guaranteed to meet the same stringent requirements as our standardized cameras.

Cameras without IR-Cut Filters

Without IR-Cut Filter

Cameras without IR-Cut Filters

  • Color camera variants without IR-cut filters (DBK variant)
  • For applications using color sensors imaging in the near-infrared (NIR) spectrum (e.g. laser, low light)

Without Lens

Without Lens

M12 Mount

M12 Mount

C/CS Mount

C/CS Mount

Lens Options

  • Select the most cost-effective lens and sensor combination for every board-level camera application.
  • The Imaging Source offers a wide selection of M12 and C/CS-mount lenses and lens holders.

Z30 Zoom Camera with Lens Variants

Filter Adapter

Z30 Zoom Camera with Lens Variants

  • Add filters or additional lenses to The Imaging Source’s Z30 zoom cameras.
  • With filter and lens holders.

C Mount to M12 Adapter

C Mount to M12 Adapter

C Mount to M12 Adapter

  • Allows industrial cameras with C/CS-mounts to also use smaller, cost-optimized M12 lenses.
  • For vision systems requiring a wide field of view and/or short working distances.

Video signal converters from The Imaging Source simply and reliably convert analog or digital input signals into digital video signals for visualization, image capture, and processing.

The Imaging Source offers various video signal converters for a wide range of input signals and applications: Convert analog (PAL, NTSC, CCIR, EIA) or SDI video signals to digital image data streams; capture video signals from an HDMI source via USB 3.0 interface; reduce system footprint by directly connecting an HDMI display with any of The Imaging Source’s USB industrial cameras using the USB-to-HDMI Converter.

The Imaging Source’s free end-user software, IC Capture, IC Measure, and IC Imaging Control SDK, allows users to capture and process image data. The Windows drivers of the video signal converters are DirectShow compatible

SDI-to-USB 3.0

USB 3.0-to-HDMI

HDMI-to-USB 3.1


Video-to-USB 2.0 Video Signal Converter

Computer Vision Software for Windows and Linux

Choosing the right software is crucial for the success of computer vision solutions. The Imaging Source provides a variety of software tools that enable end users to quickly and easily commission their cameras and other vision components.

Their comprehensive range of software tools are designed for intuitive use and are adapted to different application areas to ensure customers achieve the best results with our industrial cameras. Whether you are an experienced developer or a beginner, The Imaging Source’s user-friendly interfaces make it easy to get started with computer vision.

Unlock the benefits of computer vision with The Imaging Source’s user-friendly software tools and industrial cameras.

Always the right lens for your industrial camera-from cost-optimized M12 lenses to high-performance lenses delivering optimal resolution and contrast rendition.

Robust image processing begins with consistently high-quality images: high resolution with preserved contrast.

Along with sensor selection, imaging lenses represent a fundamental component of every machine vision system.

The Imaging Source offers perfectly matched machine vision optics for every industrial camera in its broad portfolio. Whether it be C-mount lenses with highest imaging performance, fixed-focus macro lenses or even inexpensive M12 lenses.

Lens mount types: M12x0.5, CS mount, C mount

Focal lengths: 1.4 mm to 75 mm

Sensor sizes (2x image height): 1/3″ to 1.1″

Magnifications (fixed focus): 0.3x to 8.5x

Warranty and long-term availability: 3-year warranty and continuous support

Over 100 lenses: Our large portfolio of TIS-branded lenses and products from renowned optics manufacturers provides you with absolute selection flexibility


Optimal contrast for image processing reproducibility and stability.

5 MP Lenses

C/CS-Mount Lenses


Imaging Components for Computer Vision

Embedded vision systems offer enhanced processing power with reduced power consumption, small footprint, and lower system cost, providing an ideal platform for applications in artificial intelligence, manufacturing, and science.

Edge Cameras

Compact, integrated imaging system to develop and run deep learning and AI vision applications.

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The Imaging Source’s MIPI CSI-2 cameras serve as the basis for exceptionally efficient computer vision applications.

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36C Series

FPD-Link III Cameras with IP67-Certified Ingress Protection.

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With a selection of over 100 industrial cameras, The Imaging Source maintains one of the broadest portfolios in the machine vision market.

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Optimized for cost sensitive, high-volume machine vision projects, The Imaging Source’s board-level cameras deliver maximum flexibility.

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Zoom and Autofocus

Increased imaging flexibility for applications with variable working distances or object sizes.

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Embedded Vision – Advantages

Machine vision systems have traditionally relied on external industrial PCs, which are often bulky and expensive. But the advent of fast and power-efficient processing boards (e.g., Systems on Module – SOMs), as well as advances in machine learning and sensor technology, have made embedded vision systems more accessible than ever before. Embedded vision systems acquire, control and process image data without an external computer and therefore require much less space than traditional machine vision systems. The low SWaP-C (size, weight, power and cost) of embedded vision systems means that almost any application can benefit from the power of machine vision technology. The Imaging Source offers system developers a broad portfolio of embedded vision products – from embedded development kits for initial prototypes to board cameras for market-ready applications:

Release of IC Measure 3.0 – Powerful Imaging Software for Industrial Applications

IC Measure, The Imaging Source’s image acquisition and measurement software, takes a leap forward with the new release of IC Measure 3.0. The new release provides support for multiple platforms, including Linux amd64/arm and Windows. These improvements ensure compatibility with a wide range of systems and offer users enhanced flexibility.

IC Measure 3.0 seamlessly integrates with all industrial cameras and grabbers manufactured by The Imaging Source, making it a versatile solution for diverse industrial imaging needs. With the ability to open and configure multiple devices and save and restore device settings, IC Measure 3.0 simplifies the process of industrial camera setup on all platforms.

Multi-Camera Application

Efficiency is key in industrial imaging, and IC Measure 3.0 excels in this area. The new version allows users to open and manage multiple devices simultaneously, enabling them to easily work with multiple cameras. Users can also perform manual measurements on all opened devices, streamlining measurement tasks across multiple cameras. With IC Measure 3.0, productivity and accuracy go hand in hand.

Modern User Interface

IC Measure 3.0 introduces a modern user interface that has undergone a complete revamp. The interface now provides a consistent user experience across all operating systems, ensuring a smooth and intuitive workflow. The new design offers a clean and user-friendly layout, making it easy for both new and experienced users to navigate the software. With its modern user interface, IC Measure 3.0 brings simplicity and convenience to industrial imaging tasks.

Advanced Scripting Functionality

With its advanced scripting functionality, IC Measure 3.0 allows users to extend the live-display very easily. The software allows the creation of user-defined live overlays via a LUA script API in order to display additional information in real-time on the live display. Users can also add parameters that seamlessly integrate into the user interface for convenient control and modification of settings. For optimal workflow, scripts are now dynamically reloaded as they are edited and the inclusion of new built-in script examples opens up endless possibilities for customization.

Proven IC Measure Functionality

Even with its exciting new features, IC Measure 3.0 retains the tried-and-true functionality that has made it a trusted image processing software for a variety of applications:

  • AVI capture with h264 encoding
  • Single image capture
  • Automated image sequence export with automatic file name generation
  • Advanced image processing filters, including perspective correction, false-color, and vignetting
  • Flexible live image display
  • Stepless zooming, panning, and histogram visualization IC Measure 3.0 ensures that users have the necessary tools to achieve high-quality results.

IC Measure 3.0 is a comprehensive imaging software that caters to the needs of industrial applications. With its multi-platform support, multi-camera capabilities, modern user interface, advanced scripting functionality, and proven features, it offers a powerful solution for industrial imaging tasks. Whether it’s capturing, measuring, or processing images, IC Measure 3.0 equips users with the tools they need to excel in their imaging endeavors.