ITech Auto Test Systems

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Power automatic testing system Battery charge and discharge testing system Automotive wiring box testing systems Burn-in testing systems etc.

Extensive Range

ITS5300 Battery Charge & Discharge Test System

ITS5300 battery charge and discharge test system is designed for a variety of power batteries (lead acid, nickel hydrogen, lithium batteries, super capacitors, hydrogen fuel cells, etc.) for performance testing.

Automotive Junction Box Test System

Automotive junction box (automotive electrical central controller) integrates the whole car’s fuse, circuit breaker, relay and so on. It is the vehicle electronic circuit control center.

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ITECH automotive junction box test system is established by high performance programmable electronic load, power supply and speical-designed IT9360 software

Charging Station / Car Charger Test Solution

Charging stations and car charger play important roles for the popularity of new energy vehicles. As a leading test and measurement solution supplier in the field of new energy, ITECH offers professional charging station / car charger test solution, fully meets the testing needs of different types of car charger, and simplifies operation.The test solution is with unique and important function.

GPIB- RS-485- RS-232 -USB-LAN Interfaces

ITS9500 Power Supply Auto Test System

Test AC and DC Power Supply, Power Adapter, Charger, Car Charger, etc

Standard 5U unit integrates DSO, electronic loads, programmable AC power supplies, programmable DC power supplies, noise analyzers, timing analyzers, digital electric meters, oscilloscope, I/O card and other instruments, ITS9500 can be installed on the counter top or inside a standard cabinet.

Portable AC Charging Device Test System

Thanks to ITECH’s extensive line of power and load products, users can choose the most appropriate instrument for their test system based on their needs, providing maximum flexibility and scalability to the system’s architecture. The entire set adopts flexible hardware framework, integrates necessary hardware test equipment together, to facilitate customer control costs and improve test efficiency.

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System operating software is English version, running on Windows98 / 2000 / XP / 7 operating system, open editing platform, the user can edit their own test steps, easy to complete the test. ITS9500-based custom system specifically for electric vehicle AC / DC charging compatibility test.