Itech UAV Test Solution

UAVs have developed rapidly all over the world in recent years; the application of UAVs is also becoming more and more widespread. While providing numerous advantages in applications such as aerial surveillance, high-resolution imaging, there is a growing need to ensure battery endurance and performance. ITECH, a professional manufacturer of power electronics testing instruments, provides the means to validate battery performance to enable stable endurance of UAV.

With the rapid development of mobile devices and new energy vehicles, a variety of battery applications are increasing. There are many types of batteries, commonly used batteries are mainly dry batteries, accumulators, and small-sized mercury batteries.


In addition, there are fuel cells and other energy conversion batteries such as solar cells. Regardless of whether it is a traditional battery or a new energy battery, with the rapid development of consumer electronic products today, the battery industry is undergoing rapid changes, which has also created continuous development in the field of battery testing. As a professional manufacturer of power electronics testing instruments and systems, ITECH has been committed to researching and developing products in the field of battery testing and provides complete solutions for battery test.

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