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KC Wirefree is the industry leader in Bluetooth Audio and Data plus customized Bluetooth Modules and Bluetooth product integration.

    Audio Firmware features include:
  • Simultaneous 44.1kHz stereo and 16 kHz microphone
  • Fast audio decoding algorithm
  • 16 bit audio sample size
  • Support multiple A2DP sources
  • Custom connection and pairing routines Audio modules are designed with CSR Bluecore 5 multimedia chips and 16Mb on board RAM which enables greater customization and audio capabilities.
  • CSR BlueCore 5
  • A2DP, AVRCP and custom Ultimate Headset Bluetooth Audio profiles
  • 16Mb flash memory
  • Fully embedded firmware
  • Rapidly deploy Bluetooth enabled products with our expertise.
  • Stereo Headphones
  • Microphones for music or specialized applications
  • Rear Speakers and Subwoofers
  • Musical Instruments
  • MP3 Players

-The KC-210 is built with our maximum range KC-11 Bluetooth OEM Amplified Module. This USB serial adapter is a completely embedded Bluetooth solution.

Providing instant, secure wirefree RS-232 serial connections using Bluetooth® wireless technology.

A complete serial cable replacement solution. No software or computer required.

KC Wirefree Bluetooth modules are highly tuned and tested wireless subsystems many with embedded ARM7 microprocessor, flash memory, antenna, and firmware that enables wireless connectivity for electronic devices. Surface mount modules are certified and licensed radio systems, ready for installation.

KC Wirefree custom firmware programming allows complete integration with existing communication protocols, and can provide additional features and controls. For some products, little changes can produce great value. We can optimize firmware for speed, power, security, or compatibility. Custom firmware can be pre-loaded for fast and easy production. Because our modules use flash memory, firmware can be updated.

KC Wirefree layout and design services integrate our wireless modules into new or existing products and accessories. We offer design services to add additional features and meet specific requirements. Radiodatacom specialist engineers are available to work with your design team.

Embedded Bluetooth – computer not required High-performance communications up to 200m High-security 128-bit encryption High-speed data rates up to 921K baud Optional automatic, self-connecting paired adapters Supports SPP – Bluetooth Serial Port Profile Class 1 amplified range up to 200m – exceeds BT specification up to 2x Class 2 range up to 30m – exceeds BT specification up to 3x Powered by KC Wirefree Bluetooth OEM Modules

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