Data Communication and Networking
Communication System
Mocrocomputer Control Equipment
Electronic Circuits Equipment
Biomedical Measurement Equipment
Industrial Control Equipment
Electrical Machine/Power Electronics
Refrigeration/Air Condition Equipment
Automatic Control Equipment

One of the leading professional manufacturers of educational training equipment in the world

Superior product design and good quality control have enabled K&H MFG. CO., LTD. to offer high-end educational products to the market since its founding in 1979, Taipei, Taiwan. With this unbeatable track record, K&H has earned the reputation as a manufacturing leader in the educational market in Taiwan.

Autotronic System
Green Energy Equipment
Testing Instrument
Electronic Training Equipment & Breadboard/Accessories
Aviation Training Equipment
fayalab Electronic Block Series

Their product lines have covered widely from breadboard, its accessories, and testing instruments to versatile electronic, electrical, and mechanical training equipment as well as several products with relevant fields, including Data Communication and Networking, Communication System, Microcomputer Control, Electronics Circuits, Biomedical Measurement, Industrial Control, Electrical Machine / Power Electronics / Driver Engineering, Refrigeration / Air Condition System, Automatic Control, AutoTronics, Green Energy.