MasTec has an extensive range of Laboratory Instruments from several world renowned manufacturers.

Our range extends from simple handheld instruments like Temp, Humidity, Pressure, pH, Flow, etc meters all the way through to Manufacturing Floor instruments for Pharma, Brewing, Sugar and Chemical Industries.

In the manufacturing industries we have a broad range of Calibrated, Lab Grade measuring devices for thickness, faults and crack detection, even roundness.

Please ask for help on your special needs for Instruments

Lab Scales and Balances

  • Counting Scales and Weigh Scales 
  • S-Beam Load Cells with High Overload Protection 
  • Benchtop Weight Scale 
  • Digital Rotational Viscometer

Laboratory Benchtop Meters

  •  pH and Conductivity Meters 
  • Pressure, Strain, and Force Meters
  • Temperature and Humidity Meters

Glass Bulb Thermometers

  • ASTM Like Thermometers 
  • Certified Liquid-In-Glass Thermometers
  • Precision Liquid-In-Glass Thermometers
  • PFA Safety Coated Liquid-In-Glass Thermometers 
  • Verification Thermometers 
  • General Purpose Liquid-In-Glass Thermometers 
  • General Purpose Low-Cost Thermometers Thermocouple Thermometer

Calibration Equipment

  • Benchtop Furnaces
  • Benchtop Precision Meters (Voltage, Current, Resistance, Temperature, Process)
  • Circulation Baths 
  • Current and Voltage Sources
  • Dry Block Calibrators
  • High Precision Calibrators 
  • Humidity Generator 
  • Infrared Blackbody Source 
  • Multifunction Simulators
  • Sand Baths for Temperature 
  • Thermocouple and RTD Simulators 
  • Wind Tunnel 
  • pH Calibrators

Handheld Meters

  • Flow Handheld Meters 
  • Humidity Handheld Meters 
  • PH / Conductivity Meters Handheld 
  • Pressure Meters Handheld
  • Temperature Meters Handheld

Lab Electrodes

  •  Alpha® Series Rugged Gel-Filled Electrodes 
  • Alpha® Laboratory pH Electrodes Combination Electrodes, Sensing and Reference Half Cells 
  • Clear Epoxy-bodied, Gel-filled Combination Alpha Electrodes 
  • pH Electrodes Glass-filled and Specialty
  • Alpha® pH Combination Electrodes for Laboratory Use

Mass Flow Devices

  • Portable Mass Flowmeter and Calibration Kit 
  • Low Pressure Drop Gas Mass Flowmeters 
  • Mass and Volumetric Flow Meters, 20+ Gas Selection 
  • Industrial Air Velocity Transmitter with Built-in relay
  • Mass Flowmeters and Controllers with or without Integral Display
  • Low Pressure Drop Gas Mass Flow Controllers For Clean Gasse 
  • Mass Flow Controllers with 20+ Gas Select Function
  • Handheld Air Velocity/Temperature Meter with Wireless Option 
  • Waterproof pH Testing Pen

Sample Handling

  • Shakers, Rockers, Mixers and Stirrers 
  • Homogenizers, Mortars and Pipettes 
  • Thermal Cyclers and Chillers 
  • Desiccators 
  • Shields and Fume Hoods

pH Calibration

  • OMEGA SCIENTIFIC Calibration Simulators 
  • Pre-mixed pH Calibration Solutions


  • Metering Pumps 
  • Peristaltic Pumps for Lab Applications

Recorders and Data Loggers

  • Circular Recorders
  • Data Loggers for Temperature 
  • Flatbed Recorders for Temperature Applications 
  • Hybrid Recorders for
  • Laboratory Paperless Recorders
  • Vertical Recorders 
  • X-Y Recorders
  • Humidity/Temp Data Loggers


  • Rotameters General Purpose
  • Rotameters Laboratory
  • Multitube Rotameters


  • Flow Sensors 
  • pH and Conductivity Sensors
  • Pressure Sensors
  • Temperature Sensors
  • Temperature Strips 
  • Temperature Label
  • Linear Displacement Sensor
  • Tilt, Vibration and Acceleration Sensors


  • Protective PTFE Tubing 
  • Various OMEGAFLEX™ Tubing 
  • Vinyl Tubing

Turbidity Measurement Equipment

  • Wide range of Handheld Meters

Wind Tunnels

  • Lab-Grade Benchtop Mini Wind Tunnel 
  • Open Loop Wind Tunnel 
  • Research Quality Wind Tunnels
  • Lab-Grade Benchtop Wind Tunnel with Instrumentation
  • Benchtop Closed Loop Wind Tunnel
  • Wind Tunnel for Thermal Evaluation of Cicuit Boards, Heat Sinks, Compondents and Air Velocity Sensor Calibrations
  • Research Quality Benchtop Wind Tunnel 
  • Lab-Grade Benchtop Closed Loop Wind Tunnel

Lab Accessories

  • Buzzers / Sound Alarms for Lab Applications 
  • Cements, Epoxies
  • Heater Hookup Wire for Lab Applications
  • Thermally Conductive Pastes
  • Thermocouple Wire for Lab Applications 
  • Metric Conversion Calculator 
  • pH and Conductivity Solutions 
  • Gauges 
  • DISS Specialty Adaptors 
  • DISS Fittings 
  • High Pressure Fittings 
  • Cylinders & Accessories


  • Thermocouple Temperature Switch


  • Healthcare Flow Regulators
  • Healthcare Pressure Regulators
  • Healthcare Flowmeters

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