The new family of data loggers

Monitor the environment you live and work in with the EasyLog EL-SIE, a breakthrough product that sets a new standard for USB data logging. The EL-SIE range includes models that measure ambient temperature, humidity and pressure and each can store over 1 million readings inside their sleek but tough metal casing. EL-SIE uses standard AAA batteries and typical battery life is over 1 year.

Advanced onboard software means there is nothing to install on your PC or Mac – simply connect the logger with a USB cable and use your web browser to configure the device and view, analyse and download your data. It really couldn’t be easier.

Choose from immediate, delayed, triggered or push-to-start logging. The display shows current, maximum and minimum readings, and three coloured LEDs indicate device status at a glance. Alarms are fully user-configurable, with functionality including cumulative alarms, pre-alarms, a delay before alarm triggering, and an alarm hold option. Recorded data can be downloaded to your computer, or uploaded to an EasyLog Cloud account for secure storage and powerful analysis.

Lascar Products

MasTec is the NZ distributor for Lascar.

MasTec stocks many of these products.

Lascar Electronics is a leading provider of products for these industries and services:

  • Cold Chain
  • Industrial
  • Transportation
  • Vaccine Storage
  • Cold Chain in the Pharma Industry
  • 21CFR Part 11 Compliant Data Loggers
  • Blood & Blood Component Storage
  • Facilities Management
  • Food Temperature Monitoring
  • Housing & Business Premises
  • Outside Environmental Data
  • Agriculture and Animal Welfare
  • Museums & Exhibitions
  • Supply
  • Industrial
  • HVAC
  • Energy
  • Process
  • Automotive
  • Test & Measurement
  • Scientific
  • Automation & Control
  • PLC / HMI / Data Acquisition
  • Marine
  • Health & Chemical Sensing

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Famous Lipstick USB Data Loggers– many models

Single Use Loggers

SMS Temperature Monitors

Bluetooth Loggers with Apps

Hi Res, Hi Accuracy Loggers

WiFi Data Loggers

Free Easy Log Software – USB and WiFi

Lascar’s EasyLog data loggers are the world’s first direct USB data loggers, providing a cost effective, easy-to-use method of recording temperature,

Panel Instruments and Displays

Panel Pilots – a new innovation

Panel Buttons – a new innovation

Digital Panel Instruments and Voltmeters

Their extensive range of panel instruments and voltmeters provide display solutions for a wide range of applications within the instrumentation and sensors industries.

Top 10 Products

PanelPilot Disp 4.3” with Analogue, Digital, PWM & Serial Interfaces

PanelPilot Disp 7” with Analogue, Digital, PWM & Serial Interfaces

PanelPilot M Programmable TFT Panel Meter 2.4″

PanelPilot M Programmable TFT Panel Meter 2.8″

PanelPilot M Programmable TFT Panel Meter3.5″

PanelPilot B 2.1″ E-paper Dot Matrix Display

3½ Digit LCD Voltmeter DPM 2000

3½ Digit LCD Voltmeter Single Rail Version DPM 2000S

Round Hole Fitting LCD Voltmeter EM32-1B

3 ½ Digit LCD Voltmeter DPM 500

Temperature monitor with email alerts

Wireless Alert TP measures temperatures between -40°C (-40°F) and 125°C (257°F). It will notify the user via email whenever temperature breaches user-set limits, and when the temperature returns to within those limits.

Setup couldn’t be easier. Simply follow the step-by-step guide in the free Wireless Alert mobile app. During setup, the user is able to enter a contact email address and configure high and/or low temperature limits. Whenever the device detects temperatures outside of those pre-set limits, an email alert will be sent to the configured address, and an LED indicator will flash on the device, visually notifying any persons on hand.

The outcome: fast, corrective action can be taken to rectify the temperature issue, preventing damage to temperature-sensitive materials, or ensuring building occupant comfort.

The device can also send out daily/weekly/monthly (user-selectable) scheduled summary reports, detailing minimum, maximum and average temperatures, as well as battery level, the number of notifications sent, and the total time spent in alert mode.

Lascar Products

Logger Specialist

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Lipstick USB Loggers with Display

Lipstick USB Loggers many options

Single Use Loggers – Ultra Low Cost

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Temperature data logger with display.

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