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Salt Co Ltd

Salt Co., Ltd. is an international UTM and testing equipment manufacturing company

Machine Testing Machines
  • Universal Testing Machine
  • ST-1004 Hydraulic Universal Testing Machine 
  • U.T.M Accessories
  • Hydraulic Servo Type Fatigue Testing Machine 
  • Sample Cutting Machine
  • Charpy Type Impact Tester for Metal
  • Charpy Type Impact Tester for Plastic 
  • Izod Impact Tester 
  • Plastic Forming Machine


Rubber and Plastic
  • Hot Press
  • Mixing Roll 
  • Kneader
  • HDT / VICAT Tester 
  • Mooney Viscometer
  • Rheometer 
  • Melt Flow Indexer 
  • DIN Abrasion Tester 
  • Demattia Flex-Cracking Tester 
  • NBS Abrasion Tester – ROSS Flexing Tester 
  • Brittlenss Temperature Tester
  • Compression Set Tester 
  • Hardness
  • Constant Loader – Durometer
  • Friction Tester 
  • Roll-Down Machine
  • Holding Power Tester 
  • Heat Gradient Tester 
  • Ball Tack Tester
  • Abrasive Cutting Machine
  • Mounting Press Machine
  • Polishing Machine
  • Inverted Metallurgical Microscope 
Environmental Chamber
  • Temperature & Humidity Chamber 
  • Thermal Shock Chamber
  • Water / Fade Meter
  • Combination Environmental Chamber
  • Low Temp Chamber 
  • Ozone Aging Test Chamber 
  • Aging Tester
  • Water Bath 
  • Forced Convection Drying Oven
Paint and Varnish
  • Taber Type Abrasion Tester 
  • Rubbing Tester 
  • RCA Abrasion Tester
  • Pencil Hardness Tester 
  • Automatic Coater 
  • Micrometer Film Applicator 
  • Dupont Type Impact Tester
  • Ericksen Tester
Fiber and Leather
  • Flammability Tester
  • Mullen Bursting Tester 
  • Water Penetrate Tester 
  • Crockmeter 
  • Martindale Abrasion Machine 
  • Bally Atype Flexing Tester
  • Launder O Meter

Material Testing Machine ST-1002 (500kN Max)

Demattia Flex-Cracking Tester ST-135D

Charpy Type Impact Tester for Plastic ST-110C

Mooney Viscometer ST-105M

Flammability Tester ST-410 Series

Friction Tester ST-330

Water Penetrate Tester ST-470W

Heat Gradient Tester ST-350

Rockwell Hardness Tester T-HR150D

Temprature & Humidity Chamber ST-200C

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