Mechanical Linear Displacement Measurement Systems

MasTec has been building Linear Mechanical Displacement Measurement Systems since 1990.

MasTec Systems come complete with either a USB based or a TCP Modbus Base DAQ Measurement Module.

The custom Linear Displacement Measurement System can have from one to 80 channels of Linear Measurement per DAQ Module.

The TCP Modbus Linear Displacement Measurement System is a distributed module system and can consist of many TCP DAQ modules making for a very high channel count if required. Many Hundred. These Modules are POE powered and can run in areas where there is no AC Mains Power.

The sensors used for Linear Measurement are Resistive with infinite resolution and accuracies of +/- 0.2 %.

Sensor ranges can be 0 to 10mm through many sensor model steps to 0-500mms.

Each Sensor can be calibrated in situ using calibration blocks using the software supplied. Calibration can be Least Square Fit or Polynomial Fit.

Complete systems can also be supplied as standalone with a Touch Screen Industrial Computer and Custom software with custom built Enclosures for each DAQ Unit.

It is also possible to interface these measurement systems into other computers, PLCs, PAC etc

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