LM Technologies Products

LM Technologies Ltd are pleased to introduce their range of innovative products within the wireless and consumer electronics markets into NZ via MasTec.

LM range includes; Bluetooth & Wi-Fi wireless modules & adapters. LM SMT or Plug & Play products offer Serial and USB interfaces creating solutions for industrial markets such as; Retail ePOS / POS, Industrial Automation, Automotive, Medical, Security, Building Facility, M2M & Vending markets.

LM Technologies Ltd has been focussed on Bluetooth adaptors and modules since 2004 manufacturing their 1 millionth device in 2011 with an RMA rate at the point of audit of 0.00047%

There is no substitute for High Quality Production and this belief has enabled LM to work with some of the worlds Blue Chip Companies. As the wireless industry is constantly evolving, LM’s development road map ensures we meet the technical challenges of the future market.


Our Bluetooth® Adapters provide some of the longest distance ranges as well as some of the smallest form-factor devices in the wireless market, we have many adapters that cover either Bluetooth® v5.0, Bluetooth® v4.x, Bluetooth® v2.1 + EDR and Bluetooth® low energy technology.

Bluetooth Dual Mode Long Range USB Adapter – LM1010

LM offers a wide-range of WiFi Adapters supporting the latest standards, including 802.11ac, plus an in-depth knowledge base Support Wiki featuring articles of their use within platforms such as Raspberry Pi and Linux.

LM offers a range of handy product accessories supporting our modules and adapters, ranging from high-gain external antennas, converters and RS232-to-USB adapters.

WiFi USB Nano Adapter 150Mbps – LM816


Bluetooth low energy is an exciting low-cost, low-power broadcast technology, offering dollar-per-year solutions that cater to a wide range of potential applications. LM offers a range of programmable and HCI low energy modules that are power efficient and easy to deploy.

Our Bluetooth® Modules offer cost-effective, high-performance solutions for integration into your products, accessible through our easy AT Command Sets and C API’s over a variety of interfaces, including UART, and USB.

Bluetooth Low energy Module with IC Antenna – LM931


Along with SDIO and UART, many of our WiFi Modules maintain their USB interfaces, enabling simple and cost-effective progression from adapter to internal design-in.

LM will also help in any development required. Firmware changes you may require or a more advanced product design and even will develop Apps for your projects (android etc)

  • Do you need to push Bluetooth long distances or just the normal distances?
  • Do you need a tiny Bluetooth for your laptop or PC for linking to other appliances?
  • Would you like to link a printer, or a till or an Eftpos terminal together using wireless?

WiFi 802.11ac Dual Band 2T2R PCIe Minicard – LM511

LM has these products

>>> Windows XP 32bit & 64bit, Vista 32bit & 64bit, Windows 7 32bit & 64bit, Mac OS 10.4 &10.5, Linux Ubuntu

GPS: Surface mount GPS Modules

    It is possible to buy some of these products at all three levels.

  • Boxed- in housings
  • PCB
  • Chip level


LM842 Bluetooth USB Adapter

Bluetooth® Serial Adapter Class 1 – LM048

Bluetooth Serial Adapter Long Range – LM058

Bluetooth® 5 Dual Mode Multimedia Module – LM747

Bluetooth Low energy Module with IC Antenna – LM931

Bluetooth with Onboard Antenna – LM780