Spot Buying Products

Spot Buying = Making a single purchase — with no future demand for product after that.

Each day the MasTec sales staff sits at desks and gets dozens of emails and phone calls from people looking for one item or several items in one purchase cycle that they can build into a solution

After they have made this purchase, that customer may not come back to MasTec for a year or two, to Spot Buy again.

We do have some customers that are buyers for large companies or groups of companies and they come daily to Spot Buy. These customers sometimes get special discount prices, just because of sheer bulk orders over time.

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Some things to be aware of when Spot Buying

We stock many common items, but if you are after a gadget that we may sell only once every two years, there may be a delivery time of anywhere from 2-3 days to sometimes 8-12 weeks.

We have a general policy that we sell Spot Buy items as close as we can to Manufacturer’s country RRP plus handling.

So expect to pay for the freight from the manufacturer factory to NZ for this type of Spot Buy, also there is NZ customs costs, local freight costs and bank transfer fees, all wrapped together called handling fees.

If you can wait, we will bring your product in under a consolidated order and this reduces handling considerably.

All our products are available for Spot Buy (except ODM)

Embedded micros, Wireless systems, M2M systems, Comms boards and modules, Gauges, DAQ systems, Industrial PCs, Touch displays, SSRs, Wireless, Power Systems, you name it from the 600K + different types of products we sell.

Feel free to email or phone us for your Spot Buy supply. We have the skills in place to manage these types of requests. All our sales staff have degrees in Computer, Electrical, Electronic and Biomedial Engineering