Founded in year 2003, MATRIX TECHNOLOGY a comprehensive enterprise that integrates research and development, production and marketing. Since the foundation, MATRIX focused on research and development, production and sales of general instruments like AC/DC power supply, electronic load, power meter, LCR meter, etc.. Due to excellent quality and great service, MATRIX products have been sold to more than 80 countries.MATRIX has got ISO9001,CE and ROHS certification up to now.


Linear DC Power Supply MPS-H-1 Series

This DC Power Supply is a new generation of high-quality linear DC power supply, with remote voltage compensation function, automatic conversion of voltage stabilisation and current, high stability, high reliability, high precision, and display output voltage and current at the same time. Very high cost-effective advantage.

  • Linear DC Power Supply
  • Programmable Linear DC Power Supply
  • DC Power Supply
  • Triple Channel DC Linear Power Supply
  • Triple Channel DC Power Supply
  • Programmable Triple Channel DC Linear Power Supply
  • High Precision DC Power Supply
  • Programmable High Precision DC Power Supply
  • Wide Range Programmable DC Power Supply
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AC Power Source APS-7000 Series

APS50000 series is a AC Power Source from 5KVA to 500KVA, Output frequency: 40Hz-500Hz continuously adjustable (special frequency can be customised); Output phase voltage: withstand 1V-150VAC, high-grade 151V-300VAC, automatic gear 1V-300V.

AC Power Source APS-6000 Series

AP Power Source APS-4000 Series

APS50000 Series AC Power Source

Electronic Load PEL-8000 Series

PEL-8000 Series is a new generation DC electronic load, with a new chip to achieve high speed and high precision design, provide 0.1 mV and 0.01 mA resolution (basic accuracy is 0.03%, the current rise of 2.5 A/us), with novel appearance, scientific and rigorous production technology, this one is more cost-effective compare to similar products. It can be widely used in th production line (phone charger, cell phone batteries, electric vehicle batteries, switch power supply, linear power supply), scientific research institutions, automotive electronics, aerospace, amrine, solar batteries, fuel cells and other industries.

MCR-6000 Series LCR Meter

MCR-6000 Series is a new generation of high precision and high stability  of boutique LCR Meter, the 4.3 inch 480*272 TFT display screen, display classically and directly.

MCR9000 Series Impedance Analyser

MCR-5000 Series Digital LCR Meter

MCR8000 LCR Meter


High Power Meter MPM-1010 1010B

MPM-1010 high-precision power meter applies direct plug mode instead of traditional terminal posts according to customers suggestion, to improve safety and convenience. The voltage and current sampling section uses precision resistance direct sampling instead of traditional transformer sampling, which ensures the original data is undistorted and improves the accuracy of the instrument.

MFG-3000 Series Function ArbtiraryWaveform Generator

These series two-channel function/arbitrary waveform generator is equipped with direct digital synthesis (DDS) technology which enables output signal to be stable and accurate.

Instrument output channel sets CH1 channel output and CH2 channel is major output channel for output of all the following functions; CH2 channel is an auxiliary channel for output of basic waveform and arbitrary wave. User can switch channel major and auxiliary relationships in the utility.

Function Generator

Digital Multimeter MDM-200 Series

Can measure parameters including; AC/DC voltage, DC current, resistance, diodes, carry out on-off tests, zero-line judgement, non-contact voltage detection and the true effective value of AC. It is a tool with excellent performance; the ideal tool for laboratories, factories, radio enthusiasts and when carrying out home improvements.

MDM-5500 Series Digital Multimeter 

Digital Multimeter MDM-8145A 8146A 8155A

Digital Multimeter MDM-8165 8165A

Digital Storage Oscilloscope MSDS-2654CF

Four channel, 650MHz bandwidth rate: 5GS/s, high performance, simple operation, stable and reliable oscilloscope

Digital Storage Oscilloscope MSDS-2104CF

Oscilloscope Probe 

MOS-620 Dual Channel Analog Oscilloscope

Digital Storage Oscilloscope MDS-2000 Series

Infrared Thermometer MTM-300 Series

Infrared Thermometer MTM-300 Series

Multichannel Temperature Measuring Instrument MR-3000P Series

Electronic Safety Tester MST-8101, 8103

Multi-channel output is an internal high-voltage switching module attached at the bottom of the instrument. Through multi-channel output module, multiple test points of the components can be connected with multiple channels at a time. During testing, the instrument can be ste to control the channel switch. Controllable testing can be achieved by connecting the corresponding port to withstand voltage test terminal. With this multi-chanel module, rapid connection can be achieved through test fixture without changing ports during the testing process.

Multichannel Temperature Measuring Instrument MR-3000P Series

MTR-2000 Series Temperature Recorder

Multi-interface display, supports multiple sensor inputs, basic measurement accuracy, modular design, USB and RS485 ports