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For more than 60 years, Western has been supplying products for the control, storage and transmission of high-pressure gases to the industrial, medical and specialty gas markets–and leading the field in the ways that matter most.

Western is dedicated to be the best provider of compressed gas systems and components.From your basic hose fittings to flash arrestors, regulators and complex manifold systems

Western, a division of the Scott Fetzer Company, is an experienced and innovative American manufacturer of products for the compressed gas industry. From your basic hose fittings to flash arrestors, regulators and complex manifold systems

Industrial processors and fabricators have made Western a leading source of high quality compressed gas products used for the control, storage and transmission of high pressure gases.

Industrial Products

  • A, B, C, & D Size Fittings
  • Inert Arc Fittings
  • Ferrules, Hose Repair Kits, & Hose Crimping Tools
  • Torch Tip Nut
  • National Pipe Thread Fittings
  • CGA Nut & Nipples
  • Y Connections, Valves, & Safety Relief Vales
  • Pigtail Generator
  • Check Valves
  • Quick Connect
  • Flashback Arrestors
  • Hotspotter
  • Gauges
  • Manifold Accessories
  • Chain & Plug Assemblies
  • Cylinder Adaptors
  • Industrial Flowmeters
  • Industrial Regulators
  • HVAC Regulators
  • Manifold & Inline Regulators
  • Accessories

Medical Products

  • Fittings & Accessories
    DISS Specialty Adaptors
    DISS Fittings
    High Pressure Fittings
    Cylinders & Accessories
  • Regulators
    OxyTOTE NexGen
    Healthcare Flow Regulators
    Healthcare Pressure Regulators
    Healthcare Flowmeters

Manifold Products

  • Industrial Manifold
    Fully Automatic Industrial Manifolds
    Liquid Cylinder Industrial Manifolds
    Manual Industrial Manifolds
    Semi Automatic Industrial Manifolds
  • Healthcare Manifolds
    Fully Automatic Medical Manifolds
    Liquid Cylinder Medical Manifolds
    Manual Change Over Medical Manifolds
    Semi Automatic Medical Manifolds
  • Specialty Gas Manifolds
    Semi Automatic Manifolds
    Spec Gas Manifold Pigtails

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Flow Regulator
Flow Regulator

HVAC Regulator

Digital Pressure Gauge
Industrial Regulator
Medical Gauges

Pediatric Flow Regulator

Medical Gauges