Life Science: Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology and Medical devices

Vaisala supports your pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device research, production and warehousing applications with superior accuracy, reliable instruments, regulatory compliant systems, and a broad range of services. Measure a wide range of critical environmental parameters with Vaisala’s world-class data loggers, smart probes, transmitters, industrial refractometers and software. Designed to comply globally with GxP regulations for controlled environments, Vaisala solutions safeguard quality, safety and efficacy while ensuring regulatory compliance in highly demanding applications in the industry.

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Pharmaceutical Cold Chain Management

Maintaining the integrity of the cold chain is crucial in the highly regulated and critical pharmaceutical business. The pharmaceutical cold chain ensures that temperature-sensitive medicines, such as vaccines and biopharmaceuticals, are stored, handled, and delivered within the proper temperature range to retain quality, efficacy, and safety. Any temperature change has the potential to induce product degradation, resulting in major health risks and financial losses.

With an emphasis on precision and reliability, our solutions are precisely developed to monitor and manage the environmental conditions of pharmaceutical products. From manufacture to delivery, our solutions are critical in ensuring that temperature-sensitive items reach end consumers without sacrificing quality.

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Senonics manufactures modern, high quality, robust transportation loggers.

Suppose you are to transport some sensitive item, chemical or food product and would like to know the exact conditions under which it was transported. You can use our loggers to record the complete environmental condition throughout the journey.

Senonics loggers offer the largest logger depth of all similar portable loggers so you will never run short of logging space.

Try the miniature Minnow device operated from a single coin cell battery or the new Bluefin rechargeable wireless data logger.

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CO Carbon Monoxide USB Loggers

Temperature and humidity data logger with display.

Wall Mount Temp & Humidity Measurement

Wifi Loggers

Data Logger for Temperature and Humidity

Compact Temperature and Humidity Logger

Wifi Loggers

Compact Data Logger for Temperature

Temperature and humidity solutions for Pharmaceutical production

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Temperature and humidity solutions for Pharmaceutical logistics

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