This is a grouping of Biomedical Test Equipment that does not fall into one of the previous categories. It contains numerous useful items.

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Hyperbilirubinemia Light Meter / Radiometer


The ILT74CE Hyperbilirubinemia Light Meter / Radiometer was specifically designed to easily measure the exposure level of standard hyperbilirubinemia therapy systems directly in the patient plane.

Verification of prescribed phototherapeutic treatment levels has become increasingly important as the number and variety of hyperbilirubinemia therapy systems has expanded. The variables of lamp aging and patient distance from the lamp head can cause significant uncertainty in the resulting exposure.

The ILT74CE Hyperbilirubinemia Radiometer directly measures the exposure level in the patient plane and was designed for routine use in clinical settings. The included sensor is filtered to accept the 425-475 nm action spectrum and the ILT74CE instrument is capable of switching between reading out in µW/cm2 or µW/cm2/nm at the push of a button.


The instrument has a measurement range of 1 – 1999.9 µW/cm2/nm and 1 – 199.99 µW/cm2. The instrument shuts off automatically after 2 minutes to preserve the life of the 9-volt battery. The 4½ – digit instrument is enclosed in a removable cushioning boot (not shown) that protects the unit from accidental falls and acts as an instrument stand or hanger.

  • Each ILT74CE Hyperbilirubinemia Radiometer system is individually calibrated to NIST-traceable standards and is supplied with an appropriate certificate.
  • NIST – traceable certification 
  • Removable protective boot (not shown) 
  • Switchable readout in µW/cm2 or µW/cm2/nm optical units 
  • Built-in Auto shutoff and hold features 
  • 4½ – digit readout 
  • Spectral response 425 – 475 nm 
  • 9 volt battery operated 
  • 3 foot detector cable 
  • Made in the USA

Laser Power Display – Nova II


The Nova II is the most versatile and sophisticated handheld laser power/energy meter on the market. Just plug in one of the many Ophir smart heads and you have a whole measurement laboratory at your fingertips. Besides measuring power or energy from pJ and pW to hundreds of Joules and thousands of Watts, the Nova II has many on-board features such as laser tuning, data logging, graphing, normalize, power or energy density units, attenuation scaling, max and min limits. For those who prefer an analog display, the Nova II can also display the power or energy with a high resolution simulated analog needle display.


The Nova II can be operated either by battery or from an AC source with the charger plugged in at all times. Its backlight allows illumination of the display in low light conditions.

  •  Compatible with all Ophir thermal, pyroelectric and photodiode heads
  • Large high definition LCD display
  • Choice of digital or analog needle display
  • 2 position kickstand 
  • Backlighting and rechargeable battery
  • Analog output 
  • Log every point at up to 4000Hz with pyro heads
  • Non volatile data storage up to 50,000 points 
  • Laser tuning screen and power and energy log 
  • USB and RS232 output to PC with statistics package
  • NIST traceable and CE marked 
  • Soft keys and menu driven functions with on-line help
  • Many software features such and density, min/max, scaling etc.

Pacemaker Tester

EXPMT-2000 Accessories also availabl e

The EXPMT-2000 External Pacemaker Analyzer has evolved from the best selling EXPMT-100 Pacer Analyzer. It will test and verify all the functions of any external pacemaker including Transvenous, Transthoracic and A-V Sequential models.

The EXPMT 2000 with its new look, new features, new controls and new display combine to make it the easiest to use and the most comprehensive pacer analyzer available. The EXPMT 2000 has been enabled to test all Medtronic pacers including the 5348 and the 5388.

  • Easy to Use, Fast amp; Accurate
  • Portable 
  • Dependable 
  • Large 4-line LCD Display
  • 12 Selectable Test Loads 
  • 5 ECG Test Leads 
  • RS-232 Interface 
  • Print Key
  • Accurate Tests 
  • Demand Sensitivity Tests
  • Sensed and Paced Refactory
  • 60 / 50 Immunity Tests 
  • Pulse Energy amp; A-V Interval
  • Hard carry case (p/n: 301)
  • AC adapter (p/n: 302) 
  • 2 Medtronic pacer cables (p/n: 908)
  • Load Box (p/n: 950-Load) 
  • Insulated banana plugs (p/n: 6383-02)

Laser Power Probe – Comet 1K


The Comet laser power probe that is simple to use, economical but also highly accurate. It operates by measuring the heat rise from a 10 second exposure to a laser beam and thereby calculates the laser power. The Ophir Comet has a sophisticated algorithm to take into account the heat loss due to the Comet temperature and thus can give accurate readings even if the Comet is hot before the measurement. This allows you to take several measurements before cooling the probe with water. This model is the Ophir Comet 1K for measuring from ~50W up to 1KW.

Laser Thermopile Detector – 3A-P


The 3A-P (#7Z02622) CW power up to 3W, Volume Absorber

Recommended Use: Very low power and energy pulsed lasers

Special Features: Very high sensitivity, low noise, spectrally flat.

The 3A-P is a very sensitive thermal power/energy laser measurement sensor for short pulsed lasers. It has a 12mm aperture. It can measure from 15µW to 3W and from 20µJ to 2J. It has the P type volume absorber and covers the spectral range from 0.15 to 8µm. The sensor comes with a 1.5 meter cable for connecting to a meter or PC interface.

L40(150)A-SH CW & Average Power Measurements 200mW-150Wb 50mJ-200J


Recommended Use: Large beams, low profile, single shot energy

Special Features:

• Fan cooled

StarLite Portable Laser Power & Energy Meter

  • Compatible with all standard Ophir Thermal, BeamTrack, PE-C Pyroelectric and Photodiode sensors. (Not compatible with non C Pyroelectric sensors.) 
  • To use with Ophir’s StarLab suite, you need the USB Activation Code 
  • Brilliant large size TFT 320×240 display
  • Compact handheld design with rubberized bumpers and optimized kickstand
  • Choice of digital or analog needle display 
  • Analog output
  • Easy to use soft keys
  • Easy measurement configuration with context sensitive help 
  • Backlighting and rechargeable battery 
  • Single shot energy measurement with thermal sensors 
  • Power averaging 
  • Resizable Screen graphics 
  • EMI rejection 
  • New Option for USB PC connectivity

Juno PC Interface – with StarLab Analysis Software

  • Virtual laser power meter – From sensor to interface to PC – no power source needed 
  • Plug and play with all standard Ophir smart sensors
  • Record every energy pulse at up to 10 KHz
  • Log power and energy, average, statistics, histograms and more with included StarLab application 
  • System Integrator Tools included: LabVIEW VIs, COM Object Interface 
  • Very compact – is just an extension of the smart plug

Laser Thermal Power Sensor


The FL600A-LP2-65 is a fan cooled thermal power/energy laser measurement sensor for high power density and long pulse lasers. It has a 65mm aperture and can measure power from 5W to 600W and energy from 600mJ to 600J. Its high damage threshold LP2 absorber covers the spectral range from 0.35 to 2.2µm. The sensor comes with a standard 1.5 meter cable for connecting to a meter or PC interface.

Intense Pulsed Light Sensor


The L50(300)A-IPL is a thermal power/energy laser measurement sensor for measuring pulses from IPL dermatological sources. It has a 65mm aperture with a glass window allowing measurement thru air or using gel. It can measure energy from 120mJ to 300J. Its has the high damage threshold LP1 absorber and covers the spectral range from 0.5 to 1.1µm. The sensor comes with a standard 1.5 meter cable for connecting to a meter or PC interface.

Fan Cooled Laser Power Sensor


The FL250A-BB-35 is a general purpose fan cooled thermal power/energy laser measurement sensor with a 35mm aperture. It can measure power from 150mW to 250W and energy from 50mJ to 300J. It has the spectrally flat broadband coating and covers the spectral range from 0.19 to 20µm. The sensor comes with a standard 1.5 meter cable for connecting to a meter or PC interface.

Diffused High-Energy Sensor


The PE50BF-DIF-C is a pyroelectric energy meter with a diffuser for concentrated beams. It has a 35mm aperture and can measure energies from 200µJ up to 10J. It can operate at repetition rates up to 250Hz and covers the spectral range from 0.19 – 2.2, 2.94µm. The sensor comes with a standard 1.5 meter cable for connecting to a meter or PC interface.

12A Single-Pulse Energy Sensor – with High-Sensitivity Power


The 12A is a sensitive thermal power/energy laser measurement sensor with low noise and drift. It has a 16mm aperture. It can measure from 2mW to 12W and from 1mJ to 30J. It has the spectrally flat broadband absorber and covers the spectral range from 0.19 to 20µm. The sensor comes with a 1.5 meter cable for connecting to a meter or PC interface.

Radiometer – Model 22 w/Type F-22 Sensor


Radiometer measures irradiance of all fiberoptic type phototherapy pads, such as the Olympic Bili-Lite Pad.

  • Large, easy-to-read digital display 
  • Memory feature retains last reading 
  • Factory certified to NIST standards. 
  • Includes F-22 sensor.

Laser Power Display – Vega (Color)

  • High legibility color screen 
  • Compatible with all Ophir sensors
  • Rugged and compact handheld 
  • Illuminated keys for working in the dark 
  • Improved Functionality 
  • Log every point at up to 4000Hz with pyro sensors 
  • Non-volatile data storage up to 200,000 points
  • USB and RS-232 output to PC with statistics package Note: as of version 1.11, StarLab supports the Vega device

Radiometer – Model 22 w/Type B-22 Sensor


Battery-operated radiometer measures irradiance (blue spectrum) of all fluorescent and quartz-halogen type phototherapy lamps in µw/cm²/nm. Large, easy-to-read digital display. Memory feature retains last reading. Factory certified to NIST standards. Includes B-22 sensor.

Model 22 Type F-22 Sensor (only)


Type F-22 sensors can be used interchangeably with Model 22 Bili-Meter digital readout units; however, each sensor should only be used to measure the specific type of light source described above. Sensors may be ordered separately.

Model 22 Type B-22 Sensor


The Type B-22 sensors can be used interchangeably with Model 22 Bili-Meter digital readout units; however, each sensor should only be used to measure the specific type of light source described above. Sensors may be ordered separately.

Sound Level Meter


This device measures sound level in dB and the measurement range can be set automatically or manually. The 407750 offers selectable frequency weighting (‘A’ and ‘C’) and Time Response (Fast and Slow). The built-in RS-232 PC interface allows the user to record readings onto a PC in real-time. Careful use of this meter will provide years of reliable service.

  • Meets ANSI & IEC 651 Type 2 standards
  • Background noise absorber for machine noise measurements filters ambient noise
  • 30 to 130dB measurement range with ±1.5dB accuracy 
  • Large display with backlighting and analog bargraph
  • MIN/MAX, Auto/Manual Ranging 
  • Analog AC/DC outputs for connection to a recorder 
  • RS-232 interface for capturing data directly on a PC 
  • Tripod mount ideal for field use
  • Machine noise evaluation
  • OSHA compliance testing 
  • Community noise measurement 
  • Noise ordinance 
  • PC interface for data collection

Light Meter – Fc/Lux

  • Accurately displays light level in terms of Fc or Lux over three ranges: Fc (0-200, 0-2000 and 0-5000Fc) and Lux (0-2000, 0-20000, 0-50000Lux) 
  • Resolution of 0.1F c or 1Lux with 5% accuracy 
  • Select fast (1 second) or slow (2 seconds) response 
  • Monitor light levels using outputs; 1 mV per count analog output for capturing readings to a recorder 
  • Utilizes precision photo diode and color correction filter; Cosine/color corrected 
  • Dimensions: 6.4 x 2.8 x 1.2″ (163 x 71 x 30 mm); Weight: 7.8 oz (221 g) 
  • Complete with 9V battery

Noise Dosimeter


The 407355 is designed to test noise exposure in accordance with OSHA, MSHA, DOD, ACGIH, and ISO standards. Fast and easy on-site surveys help determine noise reduction requirements. The meter can also be used in SLM (sound level meter) mode where sound pressure levels are monitored from 70 to 140dB. The SLM (sound level meter) mode has a datalogging feature that can record up to 8800 readings which can be downloaded to a PC for analysis. Note: In DOSIMETER mode, the individual measurements are NOT datalogged and cannot be recalled.

  •  Perform OSHA and IEC Noise accumulation surveys 
  • Adjustable criterion level, exchange rate and threshold 
  • Applications include personal accumulated noise exposure measurement, workplace noise assessment, OSHA and other regulatory agency compliances 
  • Datalogs up to 4500 dB readings 
  • When used as a sound level meter optional 94/114 dB calibrator to perform “before” and “after” calibration checks per ANSI standards 
  • Stores up to 5 dosimeter surveys. When used in Dosimeter Mode, data includes Start/Stop Time, %Dose, TWA and peak flags. 
  • Bi-directional RS-232 with Windows® 95/98/NT/2000/ME/XP compatible software to control setup and retrieve stored events or analyze real time measurements. Complete with 9 pin to 25 pin adaptor and RS-232 cable. 
  • Includes belt clip and clip-on 0.5” microphone with 2.6ft (0.8m) cable, 4 AAA batteries, mini screwdriver and carrying case, software and cables

Sound Level Meter Calibrator (for 407750)


Extech Calibrators accommodate Sound Level Meters with 0.5” and 1” microphones. The Calibrator’s die-cast aluminum housing is built for ruggedness and durability. The 407744 provides a 94dB calibration output signal while the 407766 provides both 94dB and 114dB outputs. This professional calibrator, with proper care, will provide years of safe reliable service.

  • LED indicator lights up when power is on 
  • Level position to select 94 dB or 114 dB 
  • 1 kHz sine wave at 94 dB/114 dB is generated to an accuracy of 5% (frequency) and ±0.8 dB
  • 3 position switch (OFF/94 dB/114 dB)
  • Calibrates and verifies Sound Level Meter operation 
  • For use on Sound Level Meters with 0.5″ or 1.0″ microphones 
  • Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) <2% at 94 dB
  • Meets IEC standard 60942 1997-11 
  • Complete with two 9V batteries, carrying case, and screwdriver Model 407744 
  • Battery test position with battery status LED indicates if battery is good
  • 1 kHz sine wave at 94 dB is generated to an accuracy of 5% (frequency) and ±0.8 dB

Light Meter – EasyView


Widest range to 40,000 Fc/400,000 Lux is ideal for outdoor application.

Utilizes precision silicon photodiode sensor complete with:

• a built-in stand,

• remote sensor with a protective cover

• protective rubber holster

• a five foot coiled cable for easy storage

• six AAA batteries

The unit measure always displayed.

AC Receptacle Testers


The best way to check AC receptacles for proper tension!

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