Proton Power Control

Starting in 1988, Proton Power Control Pvt Ltd. has emerged as major Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter of varied range of Products

AC Power Digital Panel Meters both single phase and three phase units.

Some of these models are expanded to Control Panel Meters for safe guarding motors and other systems when poor power or loss of phases occurs etc.

They also have AC Power Controllers for Refrig, Humidity and Heating systems

Proton also makes quality Alarm Annunciator and Alarm Annunciator with Hooters with Protection Relays for security and securing sites.

These Autonomous Security systems system sit over the top of Automated systems running on PACs, PLCs and other controllers, as a last warning and control system that is autonomous.

With a power backup from a UPS, these systems become very important in critical sites.


  • Alarm Annunciator
  • Alarm Annunciator and Hooters
  • Protection Relays
  • AC Controller
  • Water Treatment
  • Digital Panel Meter
  • Meters and Monitor
  • Relays and Scanner
  • Protection Relays and Monitor
  • Digital Panel Meters
  • Pump Starter Panel
  • RO Plant Controller
  • Voltage Relays
  • Panel Meters With Protection Relays
  • AC Timer
  • Humidity Temperature Controller
  • Agriculture Product
  • Alarm Annunciator for Building

Panel Annunciators

AC Monitor and Relay Control

AC Power Monitoring

Protection Relays and Monitors

Humidity and Temperature Control

Motor Safety Manager

Single & 3 Phase Monitor

Voltage Monitor and Control