M.2 and PCI Express Mini Card (mPCIe) Analog Multifunction Cards

ACCES I/O Products Announces a new line of powerful PCI Express Mini Card (mPCIe) and M.2 Multifunction Analog I/O Cards (26 COTS Models!) with Speeds up to 2 Msps

ACCES’ mPCIe and M.2 high-speed, 16-bit multifunction analog input/output cards are ideal for precision measurement, analysis, monitoring, and control in countless embedded applications found in rugged or industrial environments. Each design can sample inputs at speeds up to 2Msps for the board’s 16 single-ended or 8 differential analog input channels (1MHz acquired simultaneously on each of two analog input paths). Standard features include four 16-bit analog outputs and two high-current digital I/O lines — all contained on the ultra-small mPCIe F1 or M.2 2260/2280 embedded form factors. Striking an excellent price/performance balance, these families also include models with slower A/D speeds, optional analog outputs, and lower performance 12-bit modules, for less demanding applications.

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Industrial Wireless

Out-of-Band Management and Network Resilience

Overcome Network Outages and Disruptions with Out-of-Band Management

When a network system goes down, or a remote device goes offline, IT administrators need a way to connect to field hardware and restore normal system operation. The best way to do that is with secure server out-of-band management platform.


Industrial IoT

Video: Node-RED on groov for the IIoT

With Node-RED on the groov Box, you can connect physical devices like sensors and equipment to software applications and cloud-based services, without programming.

This video walks you through connecting a temperature gauge and a wind turbine model to cloud services.

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Autoclave Analyzer for Steam Sterilizers

Meriam’s high-quality Autoclave Analyzer is essential for the proper measurement of decontamination and sterilization equipment. This specialized service tool assures the maintenance and calibration of your steam sterilizers.

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Fiber Optic Rotary and Linear Encoders

Absolute encoders (also called position sensors) are used where monitoring absolute position and high precision are required. Their signature output is a digital value of absolute position. Even if an absolute encoder loses power, the system will always report it current true position upon start-up.

Incremental encoders are used where speed and relative position need to be monitored, and typically offer lesser resolution than an absolute encoder system. Their signature outputs are A/B quadrature pulses. The user’s motion control system tracks these pulses (phasing determines direction) to monitor relative position from initial Home setting. The same system measures the time between pulses to track speed. If the system loses power, all position and speed information is typically lost.



New Book Release:

Whether you are a new LabVIEW programmer or an old seasoned one, the quest always remains the same: building better programs with our “favourite software tool > LabVIEW”.

The aim of this book is to offer some guidance, discussing designs that use LCOD Hidden Data, Abstraction, Cohesion and Coupling methods.

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Industrial Computing

UP Edge Computing Kit


Designed to provide a more streamlined development experience for customers, AAEON’s UP Edge Computing Kit range is comprised of Ubuntu certified industrial turnkey solutions geared towards making AI edge deployment more accessible and faster to market.
Bridging the gap between bespoke and universal, the UP Edge Computing Kit range features plug and play-ready kits which can be deployed across vertical markets. With all products in the range preinstalled with the Intel® OpenVINO™ toolkit, the UP Edge Computing Kit range provides a simplified platform for creativity to take over, making it easier to develop the ideal application for your business.

UP Squared 6000 Edge Computing Kit with Intel® A

UP Squared 6000 Edge Kit

UP Squared 6000 Edge Computing Kit with Intel® Atom® Processor SoC

11th Generation Intel® Core™ i7/i5 Processor SoC

UP Xtreme i11 Edge Enabling Kit

11th Generation Intel® Core™ i7/i5 Processor SoC (formerly Tiger Lake UP3)


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Industrial Power

Power Distribution Units (PDUs)

  • Basic
  • Local Metered
  • Monitored
  • Switched
  • Managed
  • Hot-Swap
  • Auto-Transfer Switch
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TS Series Temperature Sensors

Micronor Sensors offers a complete range of fiber optic temperature sensors, probes and interfaces for high precision temperature measurement in challenging environments. TS series fiber optic temperature probes offer immunity to RF and microwave radiation along with wide temperature range, intrinsic safety and non-invasive use. The fiber optic temperature probes can operate over -200°C to +300°C (-328°F to +572°C), and withstand harsh and corrosive environments. Typical fiber optic temperature monitoring applications include:

  • Process monitoring
  • Power transformers
  • Medical environments
  • Catheter instrumentation
  • Harsh chemical conditions, including radiation environments.
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Industrial hmi and signage

Programming Notes – Array SR PLC



Industrial Embedding

Rugged Apollo Lake x5-E3940 SBC with Data Acquisition and PCIe/104 Expansion

SATURN combines a feature-rich Atom-class processor-based SBC with a professional-quality industrial analog and digital data acquisition subsystem and flexible I/O expansion in a single board designed for rugged applications.

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Industrial Sensors

About Fiber Bragg Gratings

Micronor and FiSens offer an innovative fiber Bragg grating (FBG) system that has now made multipoint sensing for temperature and strain affordable compared to other distributed and discrete sensing solutions.

FBG sensors enable distributed sensing for critical asset monitoring in infrastructure, utilities, renewable energy, automotive, and industrial sectors to increase safety, enable smarter asset management, and reduce maintenance costs.

The sensors are rugged, miniature, and immune to RF and electromagnetic fields and high voltage, providing reliable measurements in harsh environments.



Latest R&D Series:BS-2085F Motorized Automatic Biological Microscope

BS-2085F motorized automatic biological microscopes have been designed to present a safe, comfortable and precision observation experience. The motorized X-Y stage and nosepiece, auto focusing, touch screen controller and powerful software will make your works easier.

The software has motion controlling, depth of field fusion, objective lens switching, brightness controlling, auto focusing, area scanning, image stitching, 3D imaging functions. Semi-APO objectives and B, G, U, V, R fluorescent filters are available for BS-2085F fluorescent automatic biological microscope. 4pcs slide can be placed on the stage for automatic scanning, a LCD touch screen in front of the microscope, which can show magnification and illumination information.

With perfectly performed structure, high-definition optical image and ergonomical operations, BS-2085F realize professional analysis and meet all the needs of research in biological, medical, life science and other fields.

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Industrial Imaging

Release of IC Measure 3.0 – Powerful Imaging Software for Industrial Applications

  • Multi Platforms (Linux amd64/arm and Windows)
  • Multi-Camera Application
  • Modern User Interface
  • Advanced Scripting Functionality
  • Proven IC Measure Functionality

Industrial Motion

RaspberryPi EtherCAT I/O Solutions




OxyTOTE NG is ready to act when you are. No separate regulator to locate and install on a cylinder, saving valuable time when you need it the most. Simply turn the unit on and set the desired oxygen flow.

OxyTOTE NG knobs are larger and lighter in color, making them easy to see in even low-light situations. The built-in cylinder content gauge is easily read and always indicates oxygen cylinder pressure.

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Jenlogix – Your supply chain partner for seismic and industrial technology

Jenlogix is a New Zealand company, providing computer solutions to industry for more than 35 years.

The core business was founded in 1984 at a time when standard technology was not available. Accordingly, Jenlogix manufactured its own electronic circuit boards especially designed for harsh industrial environments.

Today, Jenlogix source standard components and embedded technology, allowing them to support a much deeper and wider range of systems. Their capability now extends through the complete end-to-end processing cycle, from data Capture, Communication, Processing and Display of mission-critical information.

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Transport Data Loggers Air Cargo Approved

Data loggers are used to monitor the transport of goods. Particularly high safety requirements are placed on these loggers for air freight transports. The loggers of MSR Electronics GmbH meet these specifications.

MSR transport data loggers are used to monitor the transport and storage of sensitive or particularly valuable goods of all kinds. With their high-precision sensors, very high storage capacity and extremely compact format, they are ideally suited for the complete recording and conclusive documentation of critical transport events such as impacts, shocks and inadmissible temperature or humidity loads.

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Firmware Downloads

SDS2000X Plus Series_Firmware_V1.5.2R3 (Release Date 04.03.23)

SPD1168X-Firmware-V2.1.1.9R1 (Release Date 04.03.23) 
SPD1305X-Firmware-V2.1.1.9R1 (Release Date 04.03.23) 

SDG2000X Series-Firmware-V2.01.01.37R6 (Release Date 04.11.23)

2023 Electronics Industry Awards

IT2800 Graphical Source Measure Unit has been nominated for the Test, measurement & inspection product of the year  Vote here

New Product IT-N2100 Solar Array Simulator

Visit Itech at Electronica China 2023 Jul.11-13, 2023
National Exhibition & Convention Center (Shanghai) Booth No. 6.2H C120

Introducing the Analog Discovery 3: A Versatile Powerhouse

Register: Exploring the Features of the Analog Discovery 3″ Webinar 

Price Drop:  Analog Discovery 2 – get in touch for details

Price Decrease: Return to Pre-COVID MSRP Pricing

Effective from June 21, 2023, MaxBotix will be returning its Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) to pre-COVID levels across the entire range of high-quality priced sensors.  Contact us for details

1mm Resolution TankSensor is released

Secure Control for Worldwide Infrastructure; Vision Systems for ADAS

Pushing the Limits of High Performance; The Three Major Communication Protocols

Perspective: Make Mobile-Friendly Operations A Reality

Imaging Source

New 37 Series Industrial Cameras with onsemi AR0234

EmETXe-i92U0 Embedded Board – ARBOR Pushes Faster Speed and Sustainable Development to Future

HT10 – 10″ Rugged Android Tablet Device

IEC-3367 – Digital Signage Player with Intel® 11th Core / Celeron® Processor

ZOGLAB Environmental Instruments Manufacturer

HWS1000-Weather in Hand Handheld Weather Station


AED Aftercare: Operating Tutorial 1 – Review Test Report

BudgetLine data loggers: Reusable PDF Data Loggers for Temperature and Humidity