The LabJack T8 is the new flagship T-Series device adding powerful features including:

  • 8x isolated analog inputs (AIN) with simultaneous sampling.
  • ±1 kV AIN isolation channel-to-channel and channel-to-ground.
  • Top performance for thermocouples, load cells, bridge circuits, and more.
  • 8x 24-bit ΣΔ ADCs (up to 40k samples/s/ch).
  • 10+ AIN voltage ranges: ±11V, to ±0.18V.
  • 2 analog outputs (16-bit, 0-10V) with 20 mA drive.
  • 20 digital I/O similar to the T7.
  • Lua scripts are faster with 5x the code space than the T7.
  • 3.3V fixed voltage outputs for excitation.
  • Supported by LJM. LabJack’s free, 3rd generation, cross-platform driver/library/API for simplifying device communication.
  • Industrial temperature range (-40 to +85C).
  • USB Ethernet.
  • Built-in Power over Ethernet (PoE), or power through USB connection.
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Industrial Wireless

Supply chain monitoring:
Automated operations and compliance for supply chains

Simplify operation management with SmartSense by Digi® remote temperature and compliance monitoring system for supply chains.

  • Continuous temperature monitoring
  • Product quality control
  • Centralised reporting
  • Prescriptive workflows

Industrial IoT

Opto 22 Earns Frost & Sullivan 2022 Enabling Technology Leadership Award for Its Unrivaled Industrial Automation Solutions

Opto 22 develops advanced remote input/output (I/O) connectivity and highly differentiated industrial controller applications based on open standards.



Hygienic and Washable Solution for the Medical and Healthcare Iindustry

Keyboards and mice for applications in the medical field are adapted to their areas of use. They are used wherever hygiene plays a major role. Medical keyboards and mice usually have special features that make them suitable for use in such settings. Made in Germany.

Keyboards Pointing Devices

Industrial Encoders

Fiber Optic Rotary and Linear Encoders

Micronor Sensors is a sensing expert with an exceptional broad background in both fiber optics and electromechanical sensor technology. We are a ‘One stop shop’ for critical measurement solutions such as optical temperature, strain, and position sensors for harsh environments.



Digi Remote Manager

The command centre of your intelligent network.  Configure, Deploy and Manage Remote Assets Securely

  • Industry-leading cloud and edge tools for rapid device deployment, and easier asset management
  • Monitor IoT devices, asset performance and security with bi-directional communications
  • Automate mass firmware and software updates to enhance functionality, stay in compliance and scale your deployment
  • Access data from edge devices that were previously out of reach
  • Integrate device data through open APIs to gain deeper insights and control with third-party applications
  • Receive real-time alerts and detailed reports on network health and device conditions
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Industrial Computing

Din Rail Box PCs

The BOXER-67 Series Din Rail Box PCs are built to be easy to install, access and maintain. The BOXER-67 Series has a wide array of I/O support, all of which are located on the front or top sides of the PC. Built rugged, the BOXER-67 Series feature wide temperature and voltage operating ranges, making it tough enough to take on any industrial environment.

The BOXER-67 Series are powered by Intel processors, including the Atom, Celeron, and Core i3 processors. Packed with power, they can be used as automation controllers, robot controllers, or even assembly inspection tasks.

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Industrial Power

Programmable Power Supplies

REGATRON’s world-wide known Swiss quality and well established, highly reliable, precisely engineered product portfolio is well matched to market requirements. REGATRON offers among other exceptional features a modular design and an unrivaled ingenious data link technique which allows the connection of individual units not only in parallel-, but also in series- and mixed-mode (series and parallel). Therefore, maximum flexibility with respect to changing requirements and future expansions is provided.

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DS70000 Series

Digital Oscilloscope with Real­‐Time Spectrum Analysis to 5 GHz.

DS70000 Oscilloscopes deliver new levels of performance and capability to address demanding design challenges

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IoT Solutions

Design, deploy, manage and support IoT solutions and network connectivity on any scale – anywhere. Digi IoT solutions for your products and IT networks give you reliable, right-sized performance options for the most demanding environments and requirements.

Browse solutions by: Application, Technology or Industry

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Industrial HMI & Signage

Digital Signage: Solving Challenges with Technology

Digital signage is a dynamic and growing market, supported by the growth of high-speed networks, improved communications technologies, and the ability of digital signage to engage and inform. The key to success in this industry is in solving the challenges of speed, reliability and security.

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Industrial Embedding

Rabbit Processor Products

Rabbit processors and RabbitCore microprocessor core modules for embedded designs in medical and industrial IoT use cases.

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Industrial Sensors

A Multipoint Distributed Sensor System

Micronor and FiSens offer an innovative fiber Bragg grating (FBG) system that has now made multipoint sensing for temperature and strain affordable compared to other distributed and discrete sensing solutions.

FBG sensors enable distributed sensing for critical asset monitoring in infrastructure, utilities, renewable energy, automotive, and industrial sectors to increase safety, enable smarter asset management, and reduce maintenance costs.

The sensors are rugged, miniature, and immune to RF and electromagnetic fields and high voltage, providing reliable measurements in harsh environments.

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Latest Product News

  • New Motorised  Autofocus Inverted Flourescent Microscope
  • Motorised Automatic Biological Microscope
  • Research Biological Microscope
  • Inverted Biological Microscope

And more!

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STP-K512A-EtherCAT 5-Phase Stepper Drive


  • EtherCAT CiA402 device profile
  • 1-Axis 5-phase micro stepper drive
  • STP-K512A : Current 2.8AConstant-current Driving SystemEtherCAT_Nu-Servo
  • Drive_Micro-Step_STP-K512A
  • Support Micro stepping (1 ~ 400,000)
  • Support 0.36° and 0.72°step angle
  • Support Encoder feedback
  • Low Vibration and Noise
  • DIP switch for address setting
  • Dimensions : L-75 x W-140 x H-30 mm
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Latest News from MSR

  • MSR data loggers as transport detectives for CERN
  • How to avoid transport damage in the mail order business?
  • Data Loggers monitor the transport and storage of medicines
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Western offers a wide variety of inflators for your helium needs. Select on the Specialty Inflators option to view more.

  • Regulators/Inflators

  • Fittings and Accessories
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Remote Monitoring in Industrial Automation Systems

Remote I/O Data Acquisition

eLogger software – Download

New Products

OPC UAI/O Modules: U-7517M-10, U-7519ZM/S, U-7519ZM/S2 Built-in with OPC UA Server and MQTT Client Services

PCI-AD64SU Universal PCI, 1 MS/s, 64-ch, 16-bit Analog Input Board (4 K WORD FIFO)

DNM-848VI-10 / DNM-848VI-80 / DNM-848VI-150 – 8-ch Voltage Attenuator with Channel to Channel Isolation (Metal)

PET-7066 – Ethernet I/O Module with 8-channel PhotoMOS Relay Output

ECAT-2094DS – EtherCAT slave: 4-axis stepper motor controller/driver

tM-7520A – Tiny Isolated RS-232 to RS-422/485 Converter

TCD-104/S400, TCD-108/S400 – 4/8-Channel K Type Thermocouple Data Logger Module

Network Platform Solutions – Product Catalogue

Discover the PICO-V2K4-SEMI, AAEON’s first AMD Ryzen™ V2000 Series-Powered Mini-PC

UP Xtreme i12 – The Stronger, Faster, Smarter Developer Board

de next-V2K8 – The World’s Smallest AMD Ryzen™ V2000 Series-Powered SBC

AAEON’s RTC-710AP – The All-In-One Rugged Tablet

The New NanoCOM-EHL – Miniature Size, Maximized Potential

In Smart Agriculture, AAEON’s PICO-EHL4 is the Pick of the Bunch

UP Xtreme i12 Edge | 12th Gen Power with a More Sophisticated Edge System

Tango-3010: Palm-Sized Computer for Business and IIoT Deployments

IMBA-ADL-H610: High Performance and Cost-effective ATX Industrial Motherboard

IEI PUZZLE-3034: Desktop Network Appliance|Entry-level uCPE for SD-WAN Building

IEI IASO-W10B-N6210: Medical All-in One Panel PC|Data Acquisition Terminal

DRPC-W-TGL: High Value Fanless DIN-Rail Embedded System

IASO-W10B-N6210: 10.1″ Healthcare Data Acquisition Terminal 

IMBA-R680: Powerful ATX Motherboard Accelerates Compute-intensive Workloads

Introducing OSBOURNE – the new NVIDIA Jetson AGX Orin carrier board from Diamond Systems!

Save the Date: Diamond Systems at Embedded World 2023 (Hall 2, Stand 2-654. March 14-16, 2023, Nuremberg, Germany.

Battery Tester Series G5.BT: Bringing Vehicle Electrification and Energy Storage Forward

Strong demand for REGATRON’s high-current, low-voltage DC power supplies. Up to 2028 A output current per 10 U device.

New Useful Features for the Versatile Remote Control Unit G5.RCU

NEW Transportation Panel PC: 48″ Bar-type Fanless Passenger Information System. IPPS-4805-APL9

Stretch Digital Display 2405-M

Stretch Digital Display 2940-Y

Online Workshop: Design Data High Availability and Disaster Recovery for Embedded IoT Edge Devices

DHO4000 Series High Resolution Oscilloscope

DP2000 Series Linear DC Power Supplies

AWS1600 Automatic Weather Station

Industrial cameras GigE color

PT Global – Product Range

Omron Oceania will now be known as Omron Automation and Robotics – an exceptional provider of high-quality, cutting-edge high-tech solutions.