Industrial Wireless

5G and 4G LTE Cellular Routers: Connecting Machines, Applications and the IoT

A cellular router uses a 4G LTE or 5G cellular connection to provide connectivity, without requiring wired cabling. With the growth of LTE and 5G networks, the demand for cellular-based routers is rapidly growing. Cellular routers, 4G LTE routers, 5G routers and extenders connect and route communications between devices, machines, applications and cloud services for business enterprises, industrial applications and transportation. They achieve this faster, cheaper and more reliably than traditional wired routers, and offer backup connectivity – that utopia of business continuity – for wired connections.

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Multifunction DAQ with Ethernet and USB

Choose the T4 for low cost Ethernet connectivity and the same software API as our flagship T7 device. The T4 has 4 dedicated high voltage (±10V, 12-bit resolution) as well as up to 8 configurable low voltage analog inputs (0-2.5V, 12-bit resolution). The T4 also has numerous built-in firmware features to help users accomplish most data acquisition needs.

The T4 is our lowest cost devices with Ethernet connectivity. They are also capable of stand-alone operation by running Lua scripts.

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Industrial IoT

groov Case Studies

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DFS100 Defibrillator / AED Handheld Tester

The AED inspection tester easily and quickly verifies whether the installed AED is functioning normally. It is suitable for all AED brands on the market and is dedicated to after-sales service. It generates three kinds of ECG signals, VT, VF, and NSR. In addition, it can receive AED defibrillation shocks. The user may define pass-criteria of AED shock energy to ensure that the AED works in the normal range.

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Industrial Encoders

HXLR Series – Linear to Rotary Module to interface to a variety of industrial encoders.

The UniMeasure HXLR module provides an easy method of converting linear motion to a digital output from nearly any industrial rotary encoder whether incremental or absolute.

Functionally, the module is mounted at a fixed position and the extensible wire rope of the module is attached to a moving element. As movement occurs, the wire rope is extended and rotates a shaft internal to the module which, in turn, rotates the encoder.

The module is provided with suitable adapter plate, shaft coupling and o-ring seal which simplifies attachment of the encoder. With a NEMA 4 rated encoder attached to the environmentally sealed module, the completed assembly is also NEMA 4 capable.


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Improve Your User Experience with ITECH’s powerful PV7800 Pro software

ITECH has announced the release of PV7800 Pro software. This is a breakthrough that allows you to quickly and easily control the IT7800 programmable AC power supply on PC.

PV7800 Pro software adheres to ITECH’s concept of “people-oriented even if it is a task list”, bringing you a friendly and easy-to-operate UI. Graphical and data-based design, and icon-based menu can reduce your configuration steps by more than 50%, simplifying your operational and speeding up your testing job.

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Industrial PACs


PAC products combine the functionality and openness of PC, the reliability of a programmable logic controller (PLC), and the intelligence of I/O modules with flexible software tools for a wide range of applications from data acquisition, process control, motion control to energy & building management.

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Industrial Power

IT9100 Power Meter

The IT9100 power meter can provide the maximum input of 1000 Vrms and 50 Arms and measurement bandwidth of 100 KHz, and can be easily used for measuring thevoltage, current, power, frequency, harmonics and other parameters. The standard configuration includes USB, RS232 and LAN communication interfaces and also interfaces for USB-based peripheral devices. Users can save the measured parameters into the external storage medium. The basic voltage and current accuracy is 0.1%. Moreover, the power meter has rich integrating functions, such as the active power. It is widely applied in test of motors, household appliances, UPS, etc.

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G2-Series Brewery & Food Industry Indicating Flow Meters

No more “eye-balling” levels – Make your perfect recipe every time. G2 High-Temp Sanitary meter is the best flow meter for brewing and other Food and Beverage Industry applications.

It is highly dependable and affordable, making it a great choice for small-batch brewers. The G2-Series is extremely repeatable so quality control is easy to maintain. Whether you measure strike water, sparge water, wort transfer to the fermenter, or your final batch volume, the G2 can help you at all grain brewing stages. The G2-Series is available as a Rate and Total Flow Indicator only, or with Indication and 4-20 mA and Pulse outputs.

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Series RPMC Stabilisense™ Critical Room Pressure Monitor

The Series RPMC StabiliSENSE™ Critical Room Pressure Monitor is designed for critical low differential pressure applications that require stringent pressure monitoring and alarming. The Series RPMC can be configured to monitor positive or negative pressure in protected environments and clean manufacturing areas. The RPMC is a complete system which enables access to pressure, security, calibration, and alarm setup. The RPMC StabiliSENSE™ critical room pressure monitor has a brushed stainless steel bezel that allows for easy cleaning.

The RPMC StabiliSENSE™ critical room pressure monitor has built-in status indication LEDs that will appear green when within the user-defined pressure set range and will appear orange when outside of the pressure set range. 2 SPDT independent control relays with adjustable deadbands are also provided along with a 4-20 mA process output.

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Industrial HMI & Signage


HMIWorks The development software for the TouchPAD series

HMIWorks is a free development software for TouchPAD series products of ICP DAS. It features of many widgets, built-in extensible graphics library, intuitive design, C programming, Ladder Diagram support, fully I/O integration… etc. HMIWorks helps users to short the development time and design the sophisticated, cost effective solutions for the complex systems.

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Industrial Embedding


UP Squared V2 Developer Board

With substantial improvements in processing power, expandability, and board design, the new UP Squared V2 cannot be beaten on price, performance, or potential.

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Industrial Sensors

  • CO² Sensors
  • Temperature Sensors
  • Pressure Sensors
  • Humidity Sensors
  • VOC Sensors
  • Gas Detection
  • Current Monitoring
  • Flow & BTU Meters
  • Ionization Systems
  • Power & Energy Monitor
  • Power Supplies & Trans
  • Relays
  • Network & Communication
  • Viconics Setpoint Devices
  • Smoke Detection
  • Water & Leak Detection
  • Occupancy Sensors
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Best Scope

BS-2095FMA Motorized Autofocus Inverted Fluorescent Microscope

A research level microscope which is specially designed for medical and health units, universities, research institutes to observe cultured living cells. It adopts an Infinite optical system and ergonomic design.

  • Excellent optical function with infinite optical system.

  • Bright field, phase contrast and DIC observation is available.

  • Innovative stand structure, sharp image display, convenient and special for viewing incubating cell tissue.

  • With Plan semi-APO phase contrast objective, Making Viewing Field Flatter and Brighter, Contrast Sharper, Living Cell Observing easier.

  • The angle of transmitted illumination arm can be adjusted.

  • Motorized condenser, motorized stage, motorized nosepiece, motorized focusing, motorized fluorescent filter blocks. The microscope also have autofocusing function.

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Imaging Source

5 MP Polarization Cameras: A New Tool for Industrial Imaging

Announcing the immediate availability of two new polarization cameras featuring Sony’s Polarsens™ 5.1 MP global-shutter CMOS image sensors (IMX250MZR/ IMX250MYR). These sensors capture visual data which cannot be obtained using other standard monochrome and color sensors. Sony’s Polarsens technology uses four-directional (0°, 45°, 90°, 135°) nanowire micro-polarizers placed in front of each 2×2 pixel array (calculation unit) to deliver multi-directional polarized images.

Many materials, such as plastics, glass, metals and liquids display intrinsic polarization properties. The sensors’ polarization filters make use of this to visualize material stress and surface scratches as well as to reduce unwanted glare, improve edge detection or to enhance contrast in low-contrast materials. The supplied IC Measure software supports various methods of processing the 2×2 pixel arrays.

The 5.1 MP cameras are available as color and monochrome variants with either a GigE (max. 24 fps) interface or a faster USB 3.0 interface (max. 75 fps).

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EtherCAT Solution

EPS-9905 with EPS-6000 EtherCAT Chassis with EtherCAT Bus-Coupler

  • EtherCAT COE, FOE, AOE protocols supported
  • Communication quality diagnostic
  • Slave module status monitoring
  • Wide operation temperature range: -20°C – 60°C
  • Compact size: 130 (L) x 110 (W) x 105 (H) mm
  • SMART mechanical design for convenient installation
  • IEC-61131 compliant
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Data Logger for Vibration, Shock, Jolts: MSR165

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New Products

DL-1050 – O2/Temperature/Humidity/Dew Point Data Logger Module

GW-2492M/GW2493M – BACnet/IP to Modbus Gateway

ECAT-2517 – 8-port EtherCAT Junction Slave Module

iKAN Industrial Modbus LED Display

iSN-104 – 4-channel Liquid Leak Detection Module

CL-250-E – Remote O2/Temperature/Humidity/Dew Point Data Logger Module

tGW-715-T, tGW-715i-T – Tiny Modbus/TCP to RTU/ASCII Gateway with 1-port RS-422/485 (Terminal Block Power Input)

tDS-715-T, tDS-715i-T – Tiny (1x RS-422/485) Serial-to-Ethernet Device Server (Terminal Block Power Input)

Product Change

I-87017W – 8-ch AI Module Design changes for main part EOL,I-87017W outlook modified.

ARBOR’s New Industrial Panel PCs with Intel® 11th Gen.
Tiger Lake Platform

Fanless Rugged Controller with 11th Gen. Intel® Core™ i Processor (Tiger Lake UP3)

Digital Signage Player with Intel® 11th Gen. Core™ i7/i5/i3/ Celeron processor

Improvements Across the Board with AAEON’s new GENE-ADP6

The EPIC-TGH7 – Epic, Flexible Performance for the Next Generation

AAEON Harnesses the NVIDIA® Jetson AGX Orin™ to Bring the World’s Most Powerful AI Computer to the Edge

Visualize and Enhance Your Project with the BOXER-8256AI

Driving Innovation in Outdoor Robotics with the RBX-I2000

Certified, Tailor-Made Network Appliance Solutions from AAEON

Protect Your Industrial Networks with the ICS-6280

 Expand your Application Potential with AAEON’s new ATX-Q670A

ITECH Education Test Solutions

ITECH will launch two new AC products:
IT7900P Series High Performance Regenerative Grid Simulator and IT8200 Series Regenerative AC/DC Electronic Load, combining IT7800 high power AC power supply and IT7900 power grid simulator to build a new generation of ITECH AC test solutions.

IT8500G+ Series Programmable DC Electronic Load

Accelerate your product performance verification with the IT7800 AC Power Supply with built-in IEC61000 regulations

LCD Taxi Top SCP4221-YGN-Q01

Guest blogger Inductive Automation: Modern Security for Industrial Systems

Operating Tips: Common SNA5000A questions

New Microscope:
BS-1085 4K Apochromatic Monocular Zoom Microscope Lens 0.3X-3.0X

BS-2053B & BS-2054B Biological Microscopes

Meet the all-new Mesa Pro Rugged Tablet

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New Product Preview: Jasper Com Express Carrier

Zeta miniature COM-based SBC, and Athena IV PC/104 COM-based SBC and now available with Apollo Lake E3940 / E3950 COMs for double the performance.

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