Pencom make RS-232 and USB based products with Relays, Isolated Digital Inputs and Programmable Event Timers.

Low cost 1, 2 and 8 channel serial and USB relay cards with heavy duty 10 Amp 250VAC/28VDC SPDT power relays

Designed for single board operation or multiple board operation on the same serial port. Up to 16 boards can be connected in a daisy chain configuration, with up to a total of 128 – 10 Amp relays under PC control.

  • ASCII commands to control relays.
  • Easy hook up using standard Modular telephone cable, for connecting PC to single board and for multiple board
  • configurations (9-pin serial to modular cable adapter required available separately).
  • Any software language that can write to the PC serial port can be used with this relay card NO special drivers needed.
  • 9600 baud

Industrial control applications

Automatic test equipment (ATE)

Process control systems

Power switching applications

used to verify operation of the relays before writing your own software program. Please note: The relay boards do not ship with software, see below to download the software or order the software on disk.

Model: S8-RLY-EXT – Relay card mounted in a plastic enclosure, powered by an external wall transformer (shown at top left).

Model: S8-RLY-INT – Bare board (no enclosure) on board 120VAC 60Hz power transformer – for mounting in the customers enclosure or where multiple wall transformers would be impractical.
Process control systems
Power switching applications

  • 2-8 Channel Relay card with 10 A relays
  • 1.0 Amp 9VDC output wall transformer
  • 6.89″L X 4.88″W X 1.5″H gray ABS plastic enclosure


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