Kinetics 800A AVR is a high performance voltage regulator which is designed to protect electrical appliances such as flat screen TV, ASTRO decoder, Hi-Fi system, DVD player, mobile phone charger and video game device.

The most common known cause of power surges or spikes is lightning. When lightning strikes a power line, it can send a spike or high voltage electricity through your electrical appliances, and destroying key components. Kinetics 800A AVR suppresses these major variations in power, protecting your electrical appliances from damage. Not only is the Kinetics 800A AVR technically superior, it is physically strengthened with a fire retardant and heat resistant plastic casing. This provides safety and peace of mind.

  • Automatic Voltage Regulation
  • Lightning or Power Surge Protection
  • Electric Noise Filter
  • Rated 800VA/480W
  • Well Spaced Sockets Accommodate Plugs Or AC Adapters That Are Commonly Used
  • 3 Universal Sockets Provide Adequate Outlets
  • Fire Retardant And Heat Resistant Plastic Casing
  • 2 Years Warranty