The US8000TR Series is a flexible UPS solution that can be used as a tower UPS* or rackmount UPS to suit industrial standard 19″ server rack. It provides perfect protection specifically for enterprise server, internet hubs, telecommunication and networking systems, surveillance & security systems, medical equipment and other mission critical applications.

Power outage due to sudden surges of electricity, faulty wiring or lightning can cause a loss of critical data and files from your IT system and the consequences can be disastrous. Hence, the BlackoutBuster Series offers reliable protection by ensuring a constant supply of power to your IT system.


  • Emergency Backup Battery
  • Automatic Voltage Regulation
  • Lightning or Power Surge Protection
  • Electric Noise Filter

  • Capacity 1kVA/2kVA/3kVA/6kVA/10kVA
  • LED/LCD Monitor
  • Pure Sinewave Output
  • Extended Backup Time Models Available*
  • Space Saving Slim Design To Fit Into Industrial Standard 19″ Server Rack
  • Hot Swappable Battery Packs
  • Wide Input Range Tolerance To Cater For Environments With Irregular Mains Supply And Frequent Abnormalities
  • Multiple And Dedicated Outlets For Safe And Secure Power Distribution
  • Software Providing Safe And Graceful Shutdown Of Data Sensitive Servers
  • Automatic Self-Performed Test For Proactive Management Of Faults
  • Dual Serial Ports And USB Connectivity
  • Emergency Power Off (EPO) Port