Power-io™ provides advanced products for power control applications, using customized TRIAC, SCR, IGBT, Mosfets or solid state switching designs and technology

Power io Products

Example:- Power-io offer DC switching of loads from 200-600 amps, or momentary loads up to 1000 amps DC!!
How about switching DC loads at up to 15KHZ!

Product Categories

DIN Rail AC and DC SSRs

DIN rail AC and DC Level Shifters

Solid state relays

SCR thyristors

SCR, TRIAC and IGBT AC Solid state contactors

IGBT and Mosfet based DC solid state relay

DIN rail relays

Motor Controller IGBT Totem and H Switches

DIN rail heat sinks – and DC 4-20mA – and more

The technical points of difference/advancement

Specializing in SSR, SCR, Mosfet, IGBT, Alternistor and I/O products

Advanced Maximum Surge Survival™ technology for 3 layers of surge protection

Fourth generation of advanced DCB direct copper bonding technology

Optimized thermal engineering + customization available

SCR die selection = superior thermal performance

Power control, heater contactors, solid state motor starters, lighting contactors, robotics, PLC interface & network i/o.

Industrially hardened commercial, military FCS, aerospace, test equipment, transportation, HVAC & other applications

Custom control engineering for sophisticated electrical power switching applications

Industry leading SCR diagnostics with an Alert output in the C Family products

High speed, high reliability, rugged industrial design, no moving parts

Ultra precise zero crossing for reduced EMI, without the cost of external filters

Smallest installed size = more amps per square inch.