Power Module

Each 3kVA power module is either 3-phase input and single-phase output or 3-phase input and 3-phase output. A single power module has its own built-in batteries to provide sufficient backup time for most applications.

Battery Module

Extra backup time can easily be obtained by adding battery modules, which are the same physical size as power modules and can be inserted into any available slot in the same rack.

Multi-Master Redundancy And Hot Swappable

The PowerKinetics philosophy is a measure of reliability with high availability (MTBF) and low downtime (MTTR). To achieve this, every power module has its own dedicated CPU, rectifier, inverter, charger and batteries. The power modules are all identical and therefore they can be swapped from one UPS system to another for any capacity range. Components failure are isolated in each module so other modules are unaffected. This “Plug & Play” technology enables the power modules to be hot swapped on the spot. Other claims to be reliable, only PowerReactors3+ can be demonstrated to be reliable!

Planning, installing, servicing and upgrading the UPS system should not be a full-time job, or require hours of specialized training. With PowerReactor3+ Modular UPS System as the foundation, you can specify the right UPS size for your current needs and feel confident that, as your needs change, the UPS will easily adapt to meet your future power protection requirements. Add more backup time to critical equipment, as and when you need it. Increase backup power, as and when you purchase new equipment. Add or exchange a power module – without disrupting system operation. No more guess work and no more wasting money on excess capacity!

MasTec Premier Supplier

PowerKinetics UPS products have been in the market for decades and proven to be reliable in various industries i.e. transportation, datacenter, oil & gas, telecommunication, financial, manufacturing, defense and etc. Three-Phase Operation

How does PowerReactor3+ assist you?

Parallel Redundancy

PowerReactor3+ is based on parallel redundant architecture, which is designed to continuously supply power, even if fault occurs in a module.


Custom-built your solution in capacity and backup time up to 3000kVA of parallel redundant power systems.


PowerReactor3+ can easily be upgraded to a larger system when the need arises and ultimately protects your investment.


Each PowerReactor3+ power module is a fully functional UPS. Build to the exact solution you need, upsize or downsize as your requirements change.


PowerReactor3+ modules can easily be replaced without turning the system off, providing uninterruptible protection during servicing or upgrading.

Smart Communication

The UPS readily communicates directly with a computer through the serial port. The software can monitor or control the UPS remotely. It also provides unattended shutdown of systems.

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