We can supply:

  • Standard NZ/Aust style 230 VAC outlets.
  • Round earth, IEC, USA outlets etc.
  • UK outlets etc.

In all cases, cable length and plug style would be as required.


Most models feature end-fitted adjustable mounting brackets which allow a wide range of mounting

Customer solutions are a specialty – ask about new options and solutions to specific re-quirements.

Enquire now. We will have your solution.


A wide range of solutions are available including the following ( Delivery 2-3 days ):

  • Horizontal; 1U, 2U etc. in 19 inch and above.
  • Vertical: 0.5m, 1m, 1.8m etc.
  • 10, 15 and 20 Amp rated models, in single and multiple circuit versions

Current Overload Protection options using thermal-magnetic miniature circuit breakers (MCB)

  • Each outlet MCB protected, with optional additional master MCB
  • Master MCB only

We can supply models without current overload protection where fed from an adjacent current overload protected source (e.g. UPS), and duplicate series protection is not required and UK also.