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SmartSense was founded in 2005 to transform how organisations sense, monitor, and make decisions. It was based on an observation that something fundamental was changing with the way organizations thought about efficiency, quality, and agility. Internet connected sensors and the Internet of Things (IoT) were enabling an operational paradigm where real-time information improved efficiency and decision-making.

They set out to enable sensor-driven decisions and to focus on big challenges. They automate monitoring for food and medication safety and compliance, and monitor critical equipment and tanks for product quality and preventative maintenance.


Connected sites make managing everything easier

Simplify operations management with our remote temperature and compliance monitoring system. Unlock operational efficiencies by empowering your team with actionable insights that lower costs, improve workflows, and ensure compliance.

  • Easily add monitoring to protect your existing critical assets and fleet

  • Turn error-prone paper tasks into intuitive digital workflows

  • Centralize oversight of alarms, reporting, and site management

Wireless Sensors. Powerful Data Collectors.

Add real-time monitoring to any piece of equipment to reduce loss and eliminate costly downtime.

Easy NIST recalibration Wire-free and battery-powered Store and forward technology Deployment flexibility

SmartSense offers a variety of completely wireless sensor data collectors. Each is optimised for dependable reporting in critical environments.

Flexibility for any critical environment

All SmartSense wireless sensors offer consistent performance, long battery life, and deployment flexibility to bring wide-scale equipment monitoring within reach.

Sensors & Data Loggers

SmartSense B2 Sensor

The SmartSense B2 Sensor is a compact environmental sensor and data collector designed for applications that require a minimal footprint. B2 Sensors collect temperature and humidity data every 10 minutes and report this data to the SmartSense cloud dashboard via a SmartSense BZ Gateway.

NIST Calibrated Probes

Twist on probe options for monitoring flexibility

The SmartSense Z Sensor supports a variety of probes, with NIST calibration, to enable your business to monitor a wide variety of temperatures. From cryogenic freezers to ambient air temperature, SmartSense has you covered. Recalibration is a simple as twisting on a new probe.

Reduce food safety risk with our intuitive, paperless task management system

Lower cost and increase efficiency with SmartSense by Digi® Digital Checklists

Gain compliance visibility Optimise task management Monitor team performance Improve operational efficiencies

From employee training to managing the supply chain, there are many points of failure that can lead to compliance breakdowns. SmartSense Digital Checklists allow you to digitise and automate your procedures to increase safety, accountability, and efficency.

Ditch error-prone paper logs

All paper-based procedures can be digitized for better safety, compliance, and efficiency. Benefiting your team with consistent, time-bound checklists, guided, custom workflows, and corrective actions when there is a problem. Eliminating the guesswork from your SOPs.


Hassle-free sensor networking

Get fast, secure, IT free communication with SmartSense by Digi® cellular gateways

More than 24 hours backup battery Store and forward technology Plug and play installation No HIPAA regulations

Smartsense Cellular Gateways with ZigBee, Bluetooth (BLE), or both act as the connection hub for all SmartSense Wireless Sensors.  Allowing for continuous sensor data to flow to the SmartSense Cloud Dasboard. If power fails, our battery-backed gateways store sensor reading until connectivity is restored.

Explore solutions built for your industry

SmartSense manages thousands of sites for leading brands in healthcare, retail, food service, education, and transportation and logistics. See how our solutions adapt to your industry needs.

See all Gateways

SmartSense BZ Gateway

The Commercial BZ Gateway provides remote monitoring and sensor network management via a Verizon LTE cellular connection. Up to 32 SmartSense Z Sensors and over 200 SmartSense B/B2 Sensors can be connected to each gateway.

Meet your new command center

Gain comprehensive oversight of multisite operations with the SmartSense by Digi® Cloud Dashboard

Proactive Insights Team-based monitoring Compliance visibility Automated reports

Replaces paper temperature logs to track failing equipment identify sites that have the greatest safety, quality, or compliance risk.

Assigns tasks to teams and allows operations to remotely track corrective actions to support incident and workflow management.

Enables operations to compare site performance and to increase accountability across sites and teams.

Provides updates on HACCP compliance and all other digital tasks for your entire organisation in one centralised view.

Explore solutions built for your industry

SmartSense manages thousands of of sites for leading brands in healthcare, retail, food service, education, and transportation and logistics. See how our solutions adapt to your industry needs.


Uncover hidden business insights.

SmartSense by Digi® Advanced Analytics allows you to see beyond simple temperature alarms and dig deeper into the performance of all of your equipment, sites, and teams. Watch our video to learn how advanced analytics is transforming grocery equipment management.

Deep Data Insights Weather The Storm Predict Failures Proactive Alarm Reduction

Make more informed decisions

SmartSense Advanced Analytics gives you the powerful insights to identify hidden problems in your business and optimise workflows to keep your teams on task.

Get started with SmartSense Advanced Analytics

Our Advanced Analytics allow you to dig into a part of your business that you would like to understand with more clarity. Add capabilities as you are ready to do so. Here are just some of the business challenges we can help you solve.

Proactive alarm reduction

Use collected data to guide equipment tuning and eliminate issues before they arise to bring better focus to your team. 

Asset tuning

Go beyond safety and compliance and optimize your refrigeration equipment for energy efficiency, product quality, shrink reduction, etc.

Asset scoring

Identify which equipment produces the most risk, should be targeted for maintenance or replacement, and understand how your equipment compares to others in your industry.

Product simulation

Respond to your product’s actual internal temperature, not the temperature of the air around it using software product simulation.

Business continuity

Get an overall assessment of large-scale outages as they impact multiple stores so you can centralize and improve the response planning.




Keeping your operations safe and compliant, so your teams can focus on saving lives. Ensuring equipment is being monitored and medications are maintaining their efficacy.


Helping your store achieve operational excellence — ensuring your customers enjoy high quality products by increasing food safety visibility and reducing risk and shrink.


Serving solutions that keep your kitchens compliant, so your staff has one less task on their plate. Delighting your customers with proactive workflows and real-time excursion detection.


From deli counters to walk-ins, monitor all refrigeration equipment from one dashboard. Preserve freshness and safety of grab-and-go meals, frozen foods, and refrigerated drinks.

Wireless Sensors

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SmartSense’s wireless sensors offer the world’s only 100% wire-free installation with wireless screens for deployment in minutes.

100% Wire-Free: Quickly deploy with the industry’s only sensor that can be placed directly in fridges and freezers – no wires or cords.

Enterprise Grade: SmartSense’s wireless sensors are IP-67 rated waterproof, secured with military grade AES encryption, and enabled with store & forward technology for lossless monitoring.

Plug & Play Install: Sensors automatically connect to your SmartSense gateway to provide a self provisioning installation process. Centralized configuration is provided through our Insights dashboard.

Bluetooth Probe

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SmartSense’s Bluetooth Probe provides industry leading reading speed and intuitive feedback for improving productivity.

Lighting Effects: Programmable lighting effects in the probe handle provide intuitive feedback to operators on whether food is in or out of range

Fast Reading: Maximize process efficiency with 0.5 second reading of the probes precise T-type thermocouple.

Checklist Integration:Easily connect the bluetooth food probe to any digital checklist system or food safety app