Established in 2006,Shenzhen SORO Electronics Co., Ltd.

Sorotec is a professional UPS Power and Inverter manufacturer for 10 years, we have two large production sites in Shenzhen and Zhejiang. Through many years of accumulation and development, SOROTEC has become one of the leading high-tech enterprises on the UPS and Inverter industry in China.
SOROTEC has carried out three strategies: operation innovation strategy, people-oriented strategy, technical guidance strategy, and implemented strict scientific management with a fully-fledged quality management system.


Off Grid Solar Inverters

Solar Power System

REVO Series Hybrid Solar Inverter

Off Grid Power Inverter

On/Off Grid Hybrid Solar Inverter

MPPT Solar Charge Controller

48VDC Telecom Solar Power System


– Pure Sine Waver Inverter

– Modified Sine Wave Inverter

– Telecom Power Inverter

3-5.5kW Hybrid Energy Storage 230VAC Solar Power Inverter 50/60Hz with LCD

On/Off Gird REVO II Energy Storage Inverter with Touch Screen

LCD Pure Sine Wave Inverter IG3115E 1-6KW

– High Frequency Online UPS

– Low Frequency Online UPS

– Rack Mount UPS

– Industrial UPS

– Modular UPS

– UPS Accessories

– Outdoor Battery Cabinets

High Frequency Online UPS HP9116C Plus 1-3KVA

1-10KVA High Frequency Online UPS HP9116CR

Sorotec Outdoor UPS

High Frequency Online Outdoor UPS HW9116C Routine 1-10KVA

Product Feature – REVO II series
Hybrid Energy Storage Inverter


• Touch
screen display
• PV and utility power take the load at same time(can setting)
• Output power factor PF=1.0
• On & Off Grid with energy storage
• Energy generated record,load record,history Information
and fault record
• Language and time setting
• Structure with dust filter
• AC charging and AC output time setting
• Charging voltage and charging current timing
• External Wi-Fi device optional
• Parallel operation up to 12 units
• Connected with battery optional
• Wide PV input range 120-450VDC
• Independent CPU
• MAX PV Array power 5000W
• Solar and Utility supply power to the load when solar
power is not sufficient to load
• The CT sensor will monitor the power consumption of the
system and will make sure no excess PV power is delivered to
the grid company .

– Active Harmonic Filter

– Static Var Generator(SVG)

Off-grid Pure Sine Wave Solar Inverter with Parellel Operation Max to 6 Units

Modular Active Harmonic Filter

Pure Sine Wave Inverter IG3115CT

– Outdoor UPS

– Outdoor Cabinets

– 48VDC Power Supply

– 48VDC Solar Telecom Power System

EPS Emergency Power Supply

Outdoor Cabinets

Full Automatic Silent Operation Power Inverter IG3111C 1-2KVA

Modified Sine Wave Inverter IG3110C 500-2000VA

High Frequency Telecom Outdoor Solar Power System SPS3115C

Intelligent communication backup lithium iron phosphate battery

48VDC solar system for (BTS)telecom base station -SHW48500