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Wireless Rotating DAQ Systems

SRI PMD has been designing and producing ruggedized wireless telemetry systems for more than 20 years. The transmit side of these systems, capable of withstanding temperatures of 85°C and acceleration forces of up to 5,000 Gs, have provided access to temperature, strain, pressure or other types of critical measurement data from locations where hard wire interconnects or slip rings-have proven ineffective, cumbersome or unreliable. Series 500 Digital Telemetry Systems enable real-time, dynamic, environmentally secure sensor connectivity.

ST-500 Transmitter

By applying the latest digital signal processing technology, the ST-500 Digital Telemetry Transmit System, combined with the companion SR-500 Receive System, offers a versatile and cost effective solution for sensor telemetry applications.

SR-500 Receiver

Telemetry applications include:
    Engine and Vehicle Component Test and Development
  • Oil fields and Platforms
  • Turbines and Generators
  • Cranes and Heavy Equipment
  • Bridges, Tunnels, and Civil Engineering
  • Kilns and Industrial Automation Monitoring
  • Other hard-to-get-at places.

The miniaturized, ruggedized design of the ST-500 Transmitter allows wireless connectivity in conditions that are difficult or impossible to reach with other telemetry systems. The ST-500 Transmitter is encapsulated within a hermetically sealed case allowing it to be installed in locations presenting severe environmental or contaminated conditions, such as engine test, oil field, civil engineering, and heavy machinery applications. Applications requiring custom packaging to suit unique installation form/fit needs can often be accommodated through SRI PMD’s custom engineering services.

The Wireless Link system is ideal for applications requiring high resolution, reliable measurements:
    Up to 17k Samples per Second
  • Accuracy better than ±0.5% typical, ±0.1% achievable
  • Emphasize Frequency Response or Resolution with Switchable 8 or 12 Bit Resolution
  • Selectable Sensor Excitation to 5V
  • Programmable Channel Offsets and Gains
  • Standard On-Board Temperature and Primary Power Measurement and Gain/Offset Compensation
  • Programmable Anti-Alias filtering with digital Averaging, IIR or Custom filtration

The programmable, digital architecture of the system accommodates a wide variety of sensor types. Transmitters are available to support mixed inputs of up to 8 strain, pressure, temperature, acceleration, or other sensors.

  • Up to 8 Differential Inputs including Excitation Voltage; Other Configurations Available
  • Miniaturized Transmitter For Use In Difficult Locations
  • Digital and Analog Outputs
  • Analog Outputs With Selectable Range to ±10 V
  • Programmable RF Transmit Levels
  • High-Speed Continuous, Sequential or Optional Sleep-Mode/Burst Operation