Summit Technology is the manufacturer of the Power Sight family of electric power analyzers, the “tools of first resort” for Energy Analysis. PowerSight analyzers provide extensive capabilities as demand analyzers, harmonic analyzers, power quality analyzers, power meters, and data loggers. They are the smallest, most cost effective instruments for the measurement and analysis of three phase electric power. Monitor, log, and analyze voltage, current, and power. Use them for three-phase, two-phase, single-phase, 3-1/2 phase, 2CT/2PT, DC, 50Hz, 60Hz, and 400Hz systems anywhere in the world. They come in 7 languages!

The PS3000 Energy Analyzer is the workhorse of the family. It performs all measurements required for demand analysis on all types of systems in the world.

It has been used under all conditions (one is in even in use at The South Pole). It has great harmonic analysis abilities, good swell and sag abilities, and some transient capabilities. Its small size and ease of use have made it a winner for years!

The PS4000 Power Quality Analyzer is our most powerful analyzer. It is a stunning technical achievement, oriented towards the demanding needs of power quality analysis. In addition to doing all that the PS3000 does, it does complete harmonic analysis on every cycle, captures swells and sags on every half cycle, and captures transients with a resolution of 8 microseconds. It does all this in a package that is hand-sized and weighs less than 2 pounds!

The PS250 Power Monitor is a more cost-effective version of the PS3000.

It retains the core capabilities required for energy audits and demand analysis and incorporates a new “verify connections” feature that clears up connection problems before logging begins and without the need for a laptop computer. This makes it easy to set it up and leave for hours, days, or even months at a time without worrying about your data. It is the premier power data logger.

All PowerSight models use the same PowerSight Manager (PSM) software and voltage and current probes to allow easy migration from model to model easy mixing of models in your stock.

PowerSight helps you answer these questions:

How much energy does my equipment consume and what does it cost?

What is the quality of my power consumption?
Is the power and wiring correct?

The widest breadth of accessories and options:

Voltage probe sets for direct connection to up to 600VAC, or up to 5KVAC, or up to 15KVAC

Current probe sets for currents up to 6,000 Arms and down to 5 milliamps, up to 600ADC, flexible ropes, clap-ons, snap-ons

On-line Motor Diagnostic and Analysis Option

Power-line spectrum analysis option up to 100KHz

Hard, soft, weather resistant carrying cases

Soft and permanent mount operating cases

Non-intrusive single phase analysis

Line-to-DC converters to power the meter off the AC you are monitoring.

Serial communications via RS232 or USB

PC Analysis and Report generation software.