Multi-Device UV Charging Station, Hospital-Grade, 16 USB Ports, iPad and Android Tablets, Antimicrobial (CS16USBWHG)

Charges, syncs, secures, organizes and sanitizes up to 16 USB devices in healthcare, education, retail, warehouse and office settings.

  • 16 internal USB-A ports charge mobile devices with optimum charge level up to 2.4A
  • Ultraviolet (UVC) lights help disinfect devices without use of damaging heat or chemicals
  • Patented antimicrobial coating is 99.9% effective in inhibiting bacteria and viruses
  • 10 ft. cord with NEMA 5-15P HG plug allows great flexibility in reaching AC outlets
  • Steel enclosure locks with included keys to discourage theft, damage and tampering
  • 2-year limited warranty
Typical Applications
  • Charge up to 16 Apple, Android, Microsoft, Amazon and other USB tablets and smartphones in medical facilities, schools, businesses and government organizations that rely on the daily use of mobile devices
  • Sanitize your devices with ultraviolet light to reduce the presence of germs

SMX700HGL SmartPro Medical-Grade UPS, Line Interactive, Lithium Battery, 6 Outlets – 230V, 700VA, 450W, Full Isolation

TrippLite and Keyspan Products

MasTec has distributed TrippLite since 1993 and we can highly recommend TrippLite products. Established in 1922, Tripp-Lite has been a leader in technologically innovative manufacturing. In 1982 they released the IsoBar, the worlds most advanced surge and noise suppressor. – Still very hard to beat.

Since that time Tripp-Lite Power Protection has grown in scope to provide solutions for virtually every application. We have tens of thousands of TrippLite systems running in our distribution area. They very rarely fail.

Tripplite is not just UPSs >> they are a leading supply for IT and Cloud area fit outs –

Medical Ethernet Isolator – RJ45, For Patient Care Vicinity, IEC 60601-1

Isolate medical devices on a data network line to protect patients from dangerous leakage currents.

Isolates harmful leakage currents on a data network to protect patients and equipment

Meets IEC 60601-1 for use in patient care vicinities

Works with cost-effective, readily available Cat6 cables

Plug and play; does not require software, drivers or a power supply

Complies with TAA requirements

1-year limited warranty

Typical Applications

Isolate medical equipment connected to an Ethernet network to protect patients in patient care vicinities
Connect an EMG measuring station with an analysis computer in a doctor’s consulting room
Connect the PC of a prolonged EEG system to a clinic’s network

Tripp-Lite Power Products

  • UPS
  • Medical UPSs
  • Racks
  • PDU – Power Distribution Systems
  • Power Management Tools and Software
  • KVM Switches and Cabling
  • Cable and Connectivity
  • Surge Supressors
  • Line Conditioners
  • APS Inverter/Charger
  • USB Charging
  • Rack and Room Cooling
  • Keyspan Products
  • Laptop & Surface Pro Accessories
  • Overview

TrippLite also manufactures Accessories

  • Serial Products:
  • Remote Products:
  • VoIP Products:
  • Wireless Products:
  • Retractable Products:
  • iPod Products:
  • USB Products:
  • Parallel Products:
  • FireWire Products:
  • Cables
  • Fiber
  • Media Converters
  • SFP and SFP Twinax Cabling 10GBPS

HCINT150SL 150W Power Inverter/Charger for Mobile Medical Equipment, 230V, Lithium Ion Battery Compatible- IEC 60601-1

SMX1200XLHGL SmartPro Medical-Grade UPS, Line Interactive, Lithium Battery, 6 Outlets – 230V, 1kVA, 750W, Full Isolation

TrippLite FAQs

Replacing UPS Batteries


TrippLite Medical and Protection Products

TrippLite has been making Medical Grade UPSs for many years. Their Medical Grade Inverters can now be Lithium powered!

The heart of their designs is Medical Grade Isolated Transformers that make the UPSs UL60601/IEC60601 compliant.

For the 230 VAC market they have three UPSs, 350, 700 and 1000 VA units.

They also make mobile medical power systems for trolleys using medical grade Inverters/UPSs and chargeable battery packs.

When it comes to Surge Protection and Line Conditioners, TrippLite has many models.

The Euro 4 Industrial/IT Surge bar has sales of 20 million world wide and is tough with Filters, MOVs and Breaker.

TrippLite Line conditioners go one step furter with an automatic voltage switching transformer to keep power in a useable band even in brown outs or extrem over voltage.

We are also announcing TrippLite’s new high Power UPS, with redundancy, hot swap, scaleable models, their most technical UPSs to date.

Power Conditioning

Indusrtrial Surge Protection with filters

Line Conditioner Surge Protection with filters

Indusrtrial Surge Protection with filters

Network Protection

Medical Grade UPSs

OmniSmart 230V 350VA 225W
CE/IEC 60601-1 Medical Grade Line-Interactive UPS Built-In Isolation Transformer

350 VA Mobile Medical Isolated Power

SmartPro 230V 700VA 450W
Medical-Grade Line-Interactive Tower UPS
6 Outlets, Full Isolation, USB, DB9

SmartPro 230V 1kVA 750W
Medical-Grade Line-Interactive Tower UPS
6 Outlets, Full Isolation, Expandable Runtime

The TrippLite Corporate USB Chargers

TrippLite makes a broad range of USB Charging Products

Their largest system is a 48 Device Charger designed for corporate use with Android, IOS and Win Technology Smart Phones and Tablets

These USB Charging Cabinets have air flow control to protect devices under charge

Rack mounted USB Chargers for inside IT Cabinets.

Advantages are airconditioned environments are perfect for charging large numbers of devices.

The TrippLite Personal USB Chargers

If you are mobile and on site there is nothing worse than running out of battery on the Smart Phone or Tablet.

Tripplite has this covered with their combo pack with two cables and an extended runtime battery pack in one unit.

Charge and Run two devices at a time.

Car and Van chargers with two outlets a “His and Hers”.

And desktops at home in the home office a multiport charger

The TrippLite PDUs

  • Single Phase Simpler PDUs
  • Racking Cabinet PDUs
  • Full Monitoring and Control
  • Single Phase more advanced PDUs
  • Rack mount for excellent monitoring and control
  • Rack mount with all the bells and whistles for excellent monitoing and control
  • Single Phase and Three Phase Hot Swap PDUs

Rack PDU Sytems

The TrippLite Sinewave Inverter Chargers

TrippLite has been making Inverter Chargers and Inverters since the early 1990s, both 110 VAC and 230 VAC units.

  • APSX1012SW > 12VDC 1000 watt
  • APSX2012SW > 12VDC 2000 watt
  • APSX3024SW > 24VDC 3000 watt
  • APSX4048SW > 48VDC 4000 watt
  • APSX6048VRNET > 48VDC 6000 watt

Most Units are hardwired into systems, both AC inputs and Outputs. For DC Cables we recommend Welding Cable,

Inverter Chargers

Commercial and Medical Invertrers

The TrippLite UPSs

TrippLite made the first UPS for PCs in the 1980’s. MasTec started selling TrippLite in 1993 and has thousands of units running in Oceania

MasTec stocks a range of UPSs in NZ from <1000VA to 10KVA

TrippLite has 52 UPS Models for 230 VAC 50 HZ

  • Audio/Video
  • Data Center
  • Eco Energy-Saving
  • Desktop
  • Hospital/Medical
  • Network/Server
  • Hot-Swap

TrippLite is the leader in mid size Three Phase UPSs also.

TrippLite UPS Software is enterprise wide

Single and Three Phase UPSs

Modular Scalable 3-Phase On-Line Double-Conversion Small-Frame UPS System

SVX Expandable UPSs

SmartOnline S3MX Series 3-Phase 380/400/415V 100kVA 90kW On-Line Double-Conversion UPS

Racking and Enclosures

With locking doors and side panels, enclosed server rack cabinets are ideal for applications requiring physical equipment security at the rack level (as opposed to the room level). Ventilated doors encourage ample airflow from front to back. Server rack cabinets are popular choices for high-density data centers and server rooms.

Open-frame server racks consist of mounting rails without sides or doors. They’re typically used for applications that don’t require physical security and don’t need added airflow control.

An open-frame rack provides easy access and offers plenty of open space for cable management, making this solution ideal for network wiring closets and distribution frame applications with high-density cabling
Open racks have two or four mounting rails (called posts); 2-post racks generally require less depth but support less weight than 4-post racks

Choose an enclosed server rack for heavier equipment, hotter equipment and applications with higher wattages per rack.
Special options include front doors with shatter-resistant clear acrylic windows, seismic ratings for earthquake zones and construction to NEMA IP54 standards for harsh environments.

Data center racks organize IT equipment into standard-sized server cabinets for greater efficiency throughout the data center. Rack styles range from open-frame racks consisting of two or four mounting rails (called posts) without sides or doors to lockable enclosure cabinets with rails, front and rear doors and side panels.

The height of a rack cabinet is measured in units designated by the letter U (each rack unit is 1.75 inches/44.45 mm) high; racks are available with capacities ranging from 2U to 58U
Choose floor-standing racks with rolling casters or wall-mount racks for applications where floor space is limited or extra security is important

Server Racks

TrippLite AC Power Line Conditioners 1000 Watts

2000 Watt Line Conditioner

10 Amp Euro 4 Surge Suppressor

Power Conditioners and Surge Suppressors

The LR1000 1000W 230V Power Conditioner adjusts under- and overvoltages to provide safe, computer-grade AC power. Built-in automatic voltage regulation(AVR) offers three levels of voltage stabilization that correct undervoltages as low as 168V and overvoltages as high as 278V back to regulated 230V nominal power. Providing optimum voltage conditions not only extends the life of your equipment, but also keeps your equipment working through brownouts and prolonged overvoltage conditions.

A 340-joule surge suppression rating meets the IEEE-587 standard for surge suppression(both categories A and B) and prevents spikes from inflicting damage, data loss or corruption and audio/video performance problems on your connected equipment. EMI/RFI noise filtering protects your AC line from disruptive electromagnetic and radio interference.

Just connect the detachable 2-meter NEMA 5-15P to C13 power cord to an AC power source, and plug up to four devices into the outlets. Two NEMA 5-15R and two C13 outlets accommodate a variety of connected components. An included UNIPLUGINT universal adapter allows most worldwide plug configurations to connect to the LR1000’s C13 outlets. You can monitor incoming voltage levels using the three diagnostic LEDs on the front panel. The compact LR1000 fits comfortably into your computer or home theater setup.

The TrippLite AC Power Line Conditioners 2000 Watts

MasTec ships hundreds of these units each year for use in Commercial and Industrial Systems.

A higher power model than than the LR1000, the LR2000 2000W 230V Power Conditioner adjusts under- and overvoltages to provide safe, computer-grade AC power. Built-in automatic voltage regulation(AVR) offers three levels of voltage stabilization that correct undervoltages as low as 168V and overvoltages as high as 278V back to regulated 240V, 220V or 208V nominal power.

Euro 4 Surge bar is Metal Case with ground lugs for series noise control on AC Lines. Largest selling Industrial bar in the world.

The TrippLite Advanced Serial Server System

Tripp Lite’s B094-008-2E-V is the most advanced console / terminal server platform available today.

In a secure, desktop/rackmountable appliance, it offers an in-band and cellular management solution for serial console ports, servers, virtual servers, service processors, UPS & PDU’s, environmental monitoring and more.

Certified for use with the largest Teleco Verizon’s network, it features a built-in cellular modem that supports 4G LTE network speeds.

This 8 port serial console / terminal server enables system administrators to securely access and control their data centers and networks from anywhere in the world.

And this enterprise level unit is equipped with a built in cellular modem, dual Ethernet NIC, 4GB internal USB flash, and runs on Linux for scalability and reduced downtime.

The B094-008-2E-V offers advanced software features that surpass the requirements of even the most demanding applications.

These features include Network UPS Tools for UPS monitoring, PowerMan for integrated PDU and RPC functions with in session hotkey support, Pattern match alerting,

Open access to the Linux shell for scripting, heartbeat monitoring with automatic fail-over,

Cisco pinouts and much more.

Assembled in the USA.

Most Advanced Serial Server

Most Advanced Wirless Serial Server

The TrippLite Advanced Serial Server System

Built in cellular modem for wireless access

Certified for use with Verizon’s network

Supports 4G LTE network speeds

4GB local FTP/TFTP storage for device configuration files

IPsec VPN support

Configured to use standard Cat5e/6 patch cable when connecting to Cisco devices

Tripp Lite’s console servers all use an embedded FIPS 140-2 OpenSSL cryptographic module that has been validated to meet the FIPS 140-2 standards and has received Certificate #1051.

When using SSH, HTTPS or SDT Connector to connect to any service on the console server while running in FIPS mode, they will be utilizing the embedded FIPS compliant module. In order to connect using any of the protocols, you must use a cryptographic algorithm that is FIPS approved or it will fail.

Features 4GB internal USB flash

Secure Shell (SSH V2 and V3)

TACACS+ , RADIUS, LDAP and Kerberos authentication

Local authentication

Linux with source code access

Constructed of heavy-duty steel housing

Desktop or rackmountable with included mounting brackets

NAGIOS distributed monitoring

System event syslog

SSH port and IP forwarding support

IP packet filtering

Break over SSH support

Port triggers with SNMP and email alerts

Offline data logging (Syslog, NFS, CIFS)

Online data buffering and logging

Multiple users per port (with port sniffing)

Telnet/SSH/Raw TCP connect

RFC 2217 – Port Redirection

Integrated AJAX serial console and system terminal via web interface

Native IPMI 1.5 and 2.0 (RMCP/RMCP+) support for BMC and service processor access and control

Service processor access (IPMI, ILO, LOM and more

Access to KVM built in to service processors (DRAC, RSA

Limit user access by LAN device and SDT service for that device

Port triggers with SMNP and email alerts for all tunnel traffic

Each gateway can port forward to an unlimited number of locally networked hosts (computers, routers)

Embedded DHCP server for management LAN devices

Network UPS Tools for UPS Monitoring and Management

PowerMan for PDU and RPC Management

Command Line interface (Linux Shell)

Keyspan Products

Ideal for large meeting rooms or auditoriums to give lecturers, trainers or presenters wireless control of PowerPoint, Keynote and other presentation programs that use PowerPoint keystrokes up to 100 ft. away.

Designed for PowerPoint, Keynote and other programs that use PowerPoint keystrokes

Ideal tool for presenters and lecturers

100 ft. RF range covers large meeting rooms and lecture halls
Plug and Play, no software to install

Volume, 2-button mouse and laser pointer controls

Keyspan by Tripp Lite
Easy Presenter Wireless Remote Control,
White, 60-ft. Range

Keyspan by Tripp Lite
Presentation Pro Wireless Remote Control,
Black, 100-ft. Range

KVM Products

Control an entire network in just 1U of rack space; includes keyboard, 17″ LCD screen, and touch pad
Connects to PS/2 or USB computers/KVM switches (Use a B015-000 PS/2 to USB adapter to connect via USB)
Supports video resolutions up to 1280 x 1024
Compliant with the Federal Trade Agreements Act (TAA) for GSA Schedule purchases

The TrippLite KVM Products

A KVM switch gives you convenient IT systems management without the expense and clutter of a dedicated keyboard, mouse and monitor for each computer or server… a console KVM switch has the keyboard, mouse and monitor built right in.

Choose from desktop, rack-mount and rack-mount console models
Select KVM switches offer IP remote access that lets you control your systems from virtually anywhere in the world

KVM by Tripp Lite
Largest product range

KVM by Tripp Lite
Cabled, IP and Wireless

The TrippLite Laptop and Surface Pro Accessories

The P137-GHDV-V2-K 4K Video and Ethernet 2-in-1 Accessory Kit expands the capabilities of your Microsoft® Surface® or Surface Pro by adding Gigabit Ethernet access and an external DVI, VGA or 4K HDMI monitor. These two lightweight, low-profile adapters fit neatly into your backpack or laptop bag, so you can use this Microsoft Surface accessory kit anywhere you go.

For displaying videos, spreadsheets, documents and presentations on a larger screen, the Mini DisplayPort™ to DVI/VGA/HDMI adapter has separate DVI-D, HD15 and HDMI female ports for connecting your Surface’s Mini DisplayPort to a DVI, VGA or HDMI monitor, television or projector. It supports video resolutions up to 1920 x 1080 (DVI-D); 1920 x 1200, including 1080p (HD15); and 4K x 2K Ultra High Definition up to 3840 x 2160 (HDMI) at 24/30 Hz. It also supports 36-bit Deep Color (12 bits per channel). Only one display can be connected at a time.

The USB 3.0 SuperSpeed to Gigabit Ethernet adapter allows your Surface to access a 10/100/1000 Mbps wired network without an internal Ethernet card. It achieves USB 3.0 data transfer speeds up to 5 Gbps without compromising signal quality. It complies with IEEE 802.3 (10Base-T) and 802.3u (100Base-TX) standards and supports IEEE 802.3az Energy Efficient Ethernet, as well as full- and half-duplex operations, suspend mode and remote wakeup via link-up, and magic packet.

Surface Pro Accessories 4K HDMI

The TrippLite Laptop and Surface Pro Accessories

Mini DisplayPort to DVI/VGA/HDMI Adapter.

Connects your Surface to a DVI, VGA or HDMI display

DVI-D port supports video resolutions up to 1920 x 1080 (1080p)

HD15 port supports video resolutions up to 1920 x 1200, including 1080p

HDMI port supports UHD video resolutions up to 3840 x 2160 (4K x 2K) @ 24/30 Hz

Supports 36-bit Deep Color (12 bits per channel)

USB 3.0 SuperSpeed to Gigabit Ethernet Adapter

Connects your Surface to a wired Ethernet network

Ensures true 10/100/1000 Mbps network speeds

Reaches USB 3.0 data transfer speeds up to 5 Gbps

Complies with IEEE 802.3, 802.3u, 802.3ab and 802.3az standards

Supports full- and half-duplex, suspend mode and remote wakeup via link-up, and magic packet

Plug and Play Operation

No external power supply needed

Small enough to carry easily in laptop bag or backpack

Compatible with Microsoft Surface and Surface Pro

Docking Stations Also.